The game of control

Let’s Play A Game. It’s Called “Control,” Using COVID-19

Let’s play a game. It’s called control. (original post, May 3, 2020)

I am a shadow group that wants to control the population. I create a panic to see how far things will go and make note of “bugs” within the system – basically a beta-test. I create a fear-based pandemic utilizing policies, economics, and media. This works for the first phase of the beta-test.

But there’s a problem. Many are questioning and not complying with the rules.

— phase two — the control of economics through vaccinations & an app —

I create a vaccine, but many refuse to take it. The vaccine is a semi-placebo that has no real cure. I want the entire population to take the drug so I can control the economics through an app that I’ve developed, but many won’t.

I will eliminate the cash, thereby pressuring people to turn fully to a credit system utilizing mobile devices, as most people have them and are already using them to purchase items. “Cash has been found to be the main contributor to the spread of COVID-19, therefore, we must switch to this method of currency.” Many non-conformists comply, but a small portion doesn’t.

I want those people to take my vaccine so they can download a mandatory app.

This app is paired with their mobile device and social security number, and biometrics, thus tieing my identity and proof of vaccination to my mobile device as well as multiple databases across the globe. This app is better than RFID injections as people are used to having them (at least for now). The app will run in the background and will allow those that have taken the vaccine to buy/sell things, enter into buildings, travel, and other forms of day-to-day activities. The economic pressure to get injected so the app can be used will drive non-compliant individuals to get the injection. Incentives for having the app will not only include purchase/travel/communication power, but also incentives through a point-based system – the carrot-and-stick approach.

— phase three — ID2020 —

Gradually phase out the app for a more “secure & convenient” means of identification, because many instances of non-compliant people have stolen mobile devices, as well as sympathizers lending their phones, has made the app a problem – as expected.

ID2020 is adopted — GAME OVER — control achieved.

NOTE:  At the middle part of May 2020, Google and Apple released their COVID-19 API.

My YouTube video talking about the update:

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