Technicolor Ya-da-ya-da

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Learn how to make an animation.  If you’re a beginner and want to put your imagination on video, this is where you should start.

Technicolor Ya-da-ya-daSinging is my primary thing, but other artistic areas have always had my interest. I’ve longed to be an artist, but God did not bless me in that area as He did my voice. My hands may not make art, but my mind, with the help of today’s technology, enable me to make video art.

Technicolor Ya-da-ya-da is a YouTube channel I created showcasing my art as well as tutorials on how to make your own animations and video skits utilizing different applications on the computer as well as tablet & smartphone.  This channel is for the beginner and intermediate enthusiast wanting to learn how to make an animation.  Along with video art, you will find out how to market and spread your creations across social media and the rest of the internet.

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