The Johannine Comma

The Johannine Comma And Other “Problems” – A Closer Look

What is the Johannine Comma? Why is its inclusion in the Holy Bible such a controversy? Is there more like it? In the intricate tapestry of biblical scholarship and translation history, few topics have stirred as much intrigue and debate as the Johannine Comma. This short passage in 1 John […]Read more »

The Devil Speaking To Judas At The Last Supper

When God “Speaks” To Me And What I Do After

I don’t mean to be a downer to those who “hear God speaking.” However, it’s dangerous to make decisions based on a voice that, most likely, is not God. I’ve had several instances in my life where God has REVEALED to me – directly – an answer to a question, […]Read more »

a picture of two figures incorporating various modern medical symbols - pharmakeia

Pharmakeia – What It Is And What It Isn’t

Keeping in mind the Greek definition and the uses of pharmakeia, it not only depends upon the drug but the intent of its use from the distributor and user. Some Christians will keep away from drugs of any kind because they don’t want to be a part of witchcraft or […]Read more »

road signs leading to different paths symbolizing discernment.

…To Another, Discerning Of Spirits…

The gift of discernment can be a wet blanket on a congregation when a supposed prophet (dreamer of dreams) speaks up, when a person gives to the body, and even when miracles happen. Most Christians celebrate the gifts of the Holy Ghost. Healings, miracles, tongues, prophecy, and others are what […]Read more »