God's wrath upon America

Is America Being Punished By God?

Are we witnessing the unfolding of God’s wrath upon our nation? Is America facing divine punishment for a collective departure from spiritual and moral principles? How do ancient warnings about disobedience and retribution resonate with the challenges facing our society today? Explore these compelling questions as we delve into the […]Read more »

A tax collector standing in an open area next to a building with his head bowed.

What Is The Difference Between Regret And Remorse?

Regret, remorse, repentance…are they the same thing? What’s the difference? It turns out to be an important one. Regret and remorse are emotions related to negative feelings about past actions or decisions, but they differ in depth and focus. **Regret** is a feeling of sadness, disappointment, or dissatisfaction about something […]Read more »

A man on his knees praying in a room with sun coming through the window.

On The Topic Of Anger

What does the Bible have to say about anger? How can I master anger? What are scriptures related to this topic? What are some biblically-based practical approaches to eliminating me flying off the handle? The Bible addresses the topic of anger extensively, offering wisdom on understanding and mastering it to […]Read more »