can objects be possessed by demons

Can Objects Be Possessed By Demons? A Biblical Answer

Why is it important for Christians to remove all occult objects from their home?  Can objects be possessed by demons?  Let’s investigate the scriptures & see what God has to say. Our media-saturated culture gets a lot of things wrong, especially in the areas of theology.  We’ve seen or read […]Read more »

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The “Sugar Church” Dream…October 7, 2021

As I promised, I’m telling you a dream that I had from God, which occurred on October 7, 2021.  This is the “Sugar Church” dream and it applies to many American churches. I was in the basement of a house with a lot of people. The basement was set up […]Read more »


No More Revivals, Only A Countdown

But what those people hoping for a revival fail to see is that this new attitude of “sackcloth & ashes” came – and must come – from the top down.