The Cup of Joy

A Galilean Wedding

To understand Bible prophecy, we must first understand a single event – a Galilean wedding.

Why is everyone acting so crazy?

Why Is Everyone Acting So Crazy?

From mass shootings to utter acts of depravity, people are wondering, “why is everyone acting so crazy these days?”  Well, there’s a reason. From King Saul to Nero, Hitler, Stalin, and Putin, there have always been notorious people throughout history.  Today, it seems that we are seeing more instances where […]Read more »

Do we have the Holy Spirit when we believe

Do We Have The Holy Spirit When We Believe?

When you believe in Jesus Christ, is the Holy Spirit living inside you?  Is the Ephesians 1:13 passage actual, or is speaking tongues evidence of Him living inside a Christian? Growing up in the church and after my conversion, I believed that the Holy Spirit – the third person of […]Read more »

A Possible Reason When Faith Healing Doesn't Work

A Possible Reason When Faith Healing Doesn’t Work

You know you have the authority to heal others in Jesus’ Name, but nothing happens.  Don’t lose faith, there is a reason and Jesus, as well as His Disciples, encountered it. Several years ago, a brother in Christ had issues with one of his eyes.  While he was not blind, […]Read more »