clock with no hands

Should Christians Consider Time?

I have long had a fascination with time, but recently I’ve wondered if I, as a Christian, should reconsider my perception of time when it comes to tasks & setting up a business. I’ve always been early to events.  “To be on time is to be late.  To be early […]Read more »


How Satan Used Scripture To Torment Me

Yes, Satan can use Scripture to torment Christians.  He did it to me in the area of earning a living and I battled it for decades. A critical mindset (stronghold) that I constantly battle from demons, as well as others around me, is in the realm of earning a living. […]Read more »

can objects be possessed by demons

Can Objects Be Possessed By Demons? A Biblical Answer

Why is it important for Christians to remove all occult objects from their home?  Can objects be possessed by demons?  Let’s investigate the scriptures & see what God has to say. Our media-saturated culture gets a lot of things wrong, especially in the areas of theology.  We’ve seen or read […]Read more »