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Dissociative identity disorder or demonic possession

Disney+ “Moon Knight” – Dissociative Identity Disorder or Demonic Possession

“Moon Knight”, an upcoming Disney+ series, which will air in March of 2022, gets into Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).  Is DID a clinical issue or demonic possession? As of the writing of this article, Disney/Marvel Studios has released their trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series “Moon Knight”. Here’s my take […]Read more »

can objects be possessed by demons

Can Objects Be Possessed By Demons? A Biblical Answer

Why is it important for Christians to remove all occult objects from their home?  Can objects be possessed by demons?  Let’s investigate the scriptures & see what God has to say. Our media-saturated culture gets a lot of things wrong, especially in the areas of theology.  We’ve seen or read […]Read more »

How Demons Operate -- Everything You Wanted To Know About Demons

How Demons Operate — Everything You Wanted To Know About Demons

In the video below, I discuss demons, demon names, deliverance of non-believers & Christians from demons, what to expect from demons, and various other topics. Timestamps: Introduction 00:00 My days in the occult 01:06 What causes spiritual “breaches” 05:03 Are demon names real? 07:17 Demon names mentioned in the Bible […]Read more »