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Deliverance ministry is a service to the Kingdom of God. It involves helping others – saved through Jesus Christ & non-believers – that struggle with possession, torment, and oppression from demons. My job (which I have done numerous times) is to help others to freedom in Jesus Christ by delivering them from demonic torment.

The articles in this category reflect what I’ve learned and continually learning. If you need help, please get in touch with me.

Dissociative identity disorder or demonic possession

Disney+ “Moon Knight” – Dissociative Identity Disorder or Demonic Possession

“Moon Knight”, an upcoming Disney+ series, which will air in March of 2022, gets into Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).  Is DID a clinical issue or demonic possession? As of the writing of this article, Disney/Marvel Studios has released their trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series “Moon Knight”. Here’s my take […]Read more »

can objects be possessed by demons

Can Objects Be Possessed By Demons? A Biblical Answer

Why is it important for Christians to remove all occult objects from their home?  Can objects be possessed by demons?  Let’s investigate the scriptures & see what God has to say. Our media-saturated culture gets a lot of things wrong, especially in the areas of theology.  We’ve seen or read […]Read more »