Flash Fiction

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“Flash Fiction” is a collection fictional stories that have less than 1700 words.  I deal with Christian Flash Fiction that can range from Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and general Fiction.

Cadenza - a Flash Fiction Story


The dream was always the same, like a bad sitcom that neither incorporated a laugh track or safe direction. The actors were played by myself and a “surprise guest,” cast by a familiar entity that had yet to be seen until the final episode of this morose comedy of terror […]Read more »

"The Companion" - A Short Story by Robert Wimer

“The Companion”

She sat in her enclosed front porch on a Spring afternoon with her companion who pinched her arm.  Though the experience was unwanted and undesirable, she had learned to endure these petty torments from him over the many decades of their lives together by going somewhere else in her mind’s […]Read more »