The rants and results of conspiracy theorists

The Rants And Results Of Conspiracy Theorists

They say nothing for what seems like an eternity. The conspiracy theorists pedal their lies, misinformation, and usually products through fear, and it’s time for them to STOP!

It’s Friday night and I’m in my basement with my computer on and speakers up ready for the broadcast that will clear the air and give me the power to change my world.  Yes, Infowars was leading change on the front lines for truth and action for the common man and Alex Jones was my general.  I didn’t trust the news and this was my routine, even before the phrase “mainstream media” tickled the ears of those who desperately wanted to take the red pill just to see how far the rabbit hole would go.

But it led to nowhere but fear, desperation, and a miserable existence.

This was my life for many years and I have moved away from people like that – or have tried to.

I open up Facebook and all I see nowadays are phrases like “wake up America,” “STOP BEING SHEEP,” and other such calls to action by the elite truth seekers that desperately want to rally the troops to stand up and fight.

These people knew the truth…somehow.  They could see the big picture…someway.  It’s up to them to guide us…I guess.

Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic of 2020, more of these conspiracy theorists wackjobs have come out of the rocks from which they lived.  They spread fear and half-baked theories that they’ve gathered from their subreddits, YouTube videos, and off the grid, doomsday prepper bloggers.  They try to coerce the rest of us to “buy-in” to their warped perceptions and their only solution is for us to “WAKE UP,” usually with a link to their products, social media pages, and videos.  They are scum, empty cans that have a single pebble that ring the same tired song for the masses to hear with loud overtones of ignorance.

I used to be one of these people and I even put out a video that has the flavor of a conspiracy theorists just to check the analytics.  It was very popular – it’s been taken down since this post.

So, what’s my call-to-action?  What should the sane majority do in these times?  Here they are, clear and simple:

  1. Well, first of all, lets practice our “social distancing” from these people and never let them near us again.
  2. Second, if you hear a conspiracy theory, do your own “contact trace” and find all the information the nut job has used.
  3. Look for product/website links.  If you see them, dump the garbage (conspiracy theorists) at the curb.
  4. Stop spreading their memes/posts.  You’re not doing anyone any good.

Metallica said it best in their song “My Friend of Misery” – an empty can rattles the most.

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