Wolf chili dream

Dream From God – August 31, 2021

Most of the dreams I get from God are warnings about the spiritual state of the church universal (all churches) and this is no exception.

The Dream

I was standing at the cook panel at Nestle in Trenton, MO and we were making Wolf Chili.  I had to stop as we didn’t have the ingredients, which kept me from “stepping down” into the next process on a cooker, which would stop the whole thing and bring a halt to production.  When I notified my lead person, a man dressed in a white shirt with a purple vest & tie came over with what looked like an assistant.  The man gave me the impression that he was a “higher up” type of management person, while the woman assistant was older and seemed very tired.  The man rolled up his sleeve, stuck in an IV, which drew out his blood.  The blood became the new ingredient, which allowed me to go on.  I got a strong impression that this temporary process would only last a little while, but it would be enough to “get the job done”, as he (the manager type) stated to me.  I was disgusted by this, and it was at that time, I woke up.

The Interpretation given to me by God

The “ingredients” in the dream represented Jesus.  The “Wolf Chili” represented the church as of the state of today – canned & not good (sorry Nestle).  When the “higher up” manager type rolled up his sleeve to draw out his blood to put into the chili, this represented “the other guy” (Satan) putting fake and vile things (blood) into the church (Wolf Chili).  The “assistant” represented all the churches in America.  In my dream, I represented the true Christians who see what’s going on and are disgusted by the introduction of the “fake and vile things” introduced into the church.

This whole thing – enduring this manager and what he was doing, would not last long, which was the impression I got as the shift was about over in my dream.

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