The Great Tree

A Word from the Lord to the United States – January 16, 2019

God came to me in a dream before I woke up.  I made a promise a long time ago that I would relay any and all messages that came to me in this manor, no matter how it would make me look.  Here are His Words:

Many years ago, I planted you in this land.  You were tender, but I set guides upon you so that you would grow up straight, tall and strong.  Your roots were deep and set in good soil.  You had many that came to cut you down with axes, but you cast them off and in that time and times ahead, your trunk grew mighty, the roots grew deep and your branches, with it’s many fruits, gave shade and food to the world.

You have forgotten me, the one who planted you.

You are becoming diseased, the rot that is within you is about to destroy you.  No longer is the danger coming from the axes at your base, but from the rot that is within.  You are even in danger of being uprooted, becoming something that I never intended.  The fruit that was once on your branches is becoming spoiled for all to see and taste.  The limbs are beginning to fall.  Once you sought me when the great towers fell, you grew closer to me and I grew closer to you, but you have willingly opened your mouths and accepted hard, cold bits and are guided by cruel riders.  You have cast off my yoke, which was easy, and have taken on blinders.

I have sent others to warn you, but the noise of the crowd has drown them out, their message seen as folly, old, not needed, for you are a prideful people, seeking after new teachers to tickle your ears.  The wolves have been feasting on you and you have willingly left your shepherd.  You have said “we no longer need you, we know what’s best.”

A great calamity is about to befall you and you are watching it come.  You think it will be this, or that, from these people, from those people, but it is not and it will surly come.  The great tree is about to fall, for you have sought after other gardeners and put your faith in them.  You have listened to your riders that say “I know the way, this is what the master wants”, but their master is folly and destruction.

Turn back to me.  Seek me and I will draw near to you.  The hour is late.

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