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The “Sugar Church” Dream…October 7, 2021

As I promised, I’m telling you a dream that I had from God, which occurred on October 7, 2021.  This is the “Sugar Church” dream and it applies to many American churches.

I was in the basement of a house with a lot of people. The basement was set up so that people could live down there, like another floor to the house. I was playing the part of the preacher and people were there to listen to me.
As I preached, I wasn’t speaking words that had any “meat on the bone”, but only cliches and feel-good stuff that has been said in many churches that have no substance to their messages on Sundays (or other days of worship). I kept going when all of a sudden, a small group of people left all at once, climbing the stairs to get out of the house. I was bewildered and asked if they would return, but no response was given from the others that stayed. When they left, the people scattered to do their own thing and I was left bewildered and confused. As I was looking around, I saw paper tossed on the floor from the people that stayed. It was the type that we got when we were in elementary school, the type used to teach us to write. I picked up several sheets to see only single printed words that read, “good”, “sweet”, “nice”, “happy”, and the like. I was truly bothered by what I read as I thought the message I was giving was important…important enough that everyone should be taking more “complex” notes.
The interpretation:
Much of the messages from people in authority within the church are superficial, which is like sugar to the masses – it tastes sweet, but in the long run, it’s not healthy. The people that left represent those within these “sugar churches” that KNOW the message has no meat and are leaving for something else. The “notes” found on the floor represent feelings without any real depth, merely superficial experiences from many in American churches. The others that stayed represent those that stay in these sugar temples that hear a little but scatter when life’s problems and chaos occurs. The preacher (my role) represents Pastors/Teachers that don’t teach from the Word of God and/or teach a feel-good message, never getting into the weighter matters of the Gospel, God’s Holiness, Sin, Heaven, Hell, prophecy, and the like. They don’t get their flock prepared for the dark days ahead.
It was a most disturbing dream.
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