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A Warning To The Church – January 15, 2020

A dream given to me by God on the 15th of January 2020, left me so disturbed the entire day, but the meaning, again given to me by God, is even worse.

Before I get into the dream, I feel the need to say that I will be purposefully assigning aliases to the characters in this dream, as the people that were involved are close to me.  To quickly answer the question you may have in your mind, no, this dream was not about them, but they were used by God as to give me an impact of how the events in the dream were of a very serious nature and are meant for the church as a whole.  I will begin with the dream and then conclude with its interpretation given to me by God.

The dream

It was night and I was in the hallway of my church that is located near the sanctuary.  The lights were on and I was with Cara and Steve, members of a family I know and love, and Tom, husband of Cara.  Steve and I were quickly getting ready, but as to what, I didn’t know, but I knew that it was going to happen soon.  We were both hesitant because the nature of the activities we were participating in was evil, but we were going to do it anyway because it would feel good.  We could hear whispered conversations from Cara and Tom that were going on in the Pastor’s office, which was located near the hallway, situated close to the sanctuary.  The office had been broken into and the lights were off.  When I looked into the darkness which seemed to have its own substance, like looking into anti-light, I heard the phrase from Cara, “well isn’t this what you want?”  It was at this moment that I realized what was about to happen, and happen with all four of us which would involve sexual acts in the dark.  Before it was about to start, a member of the church (Mary) came out of the sanctuary with communion.  The scene changed from night to day in an instant upon Mary’s arrival and all four of us were petrified at being caught in the act.  I knew that Steve and I would bare major consequences, but Cara and Tom would suffer the brunt of the blow that was about to come.  When I saw Mary, I urgently whispered to Cara and Tom, “Your Mom is here!”  It was at that time that I woke up feeling horrified and nauseous.

My immediate feelings that lingered throughout the day

I know that dreams and visions that were given to the prophets in the Old and New Testaments were, at times, disturbing.  God uses imagery that will have an impact on the people receiving such revelations, and this was no exception to me.  I woke up and was horrified as to what I saw, but it did serve a purpose.  God was putting his feelings into the dream as to what’s going on in the church as a whole and at this particular time in history.  It took a day for me asking God for the meaning, and this is what He wanted me to know and wanted me to tell others.

The Interpretation

First of all, this dream is not meant for specific people or specific churches, this dream is meant for the church as a whole as well as the body of Christ.  “While the cat’s away, the mice will play,” is the central theme of this dream and we are in the time before the Master’s (Jesus Christ) return to this Earth (second coming.)

The church, my hometown church, has always represented the church as a whole in dreams/visions.  God has used this imagery for me as I understand it’s significance.  The people involved (other than “Mary”) are the body of Christ (Cara & Tom), carrying out acts that are sinful in the eyes of God.  Steve and I represented those in the body of Christ that are about to get involved in the same acts.  The overall act of sexual depravity that was occurring and was about to occur, is the adultery against God, not only in the church universal but also in the highest places in said churches (Pastor’s office).  Nighttime is what we are in now, waiting for the return of Jesus Christ and when the four of us were doing and about to do our acts of depravity, we were mimicking the servants found in Matthew 24:45-51, 25:1-30, Luke 12:42-48.  It was in the aforementioned passages that God directed me, then the interpretation of the dream came quickly.  The night turning into day, along with the sudden presence of Mary (Jesus) exiting the sanctuary (Heaven) into the hallway (Earth) with communion (the second coming) put fear and dread into all of us, catching us in the act (“Your Mom is here.) that was now going to be seen by all because of the daylight (Luke 8:17.)


We have been a long time waiting for the return of Jesus Christ and the church has gone off the rails over the last several centuries, imparticular, the last few decades.  While individual members are judged individually, the church, as a whole has given up its first love, that being Jesus, and have twisted scripture so that the body of Christ seems to have no problem partaking in acts that will render considerable judgment.

Turn away and look towards Heaven, because Jesus is coming soon.  How will He find you?

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