The Great Tree

Prophetic Word For America – March 24, 2021

This is a continuation of a vision God gave me back on January 16, 2019.  America is under wrath right now, but there is hope, not for the restoration of American, but in the restoration of Americans!

The previous vision:  A Word from the Lord to the United States – January 16, 2019

The vision

God showed me a blindfolded prophet of the Lord, sitting in the middle of a busy intersection, with cars going back and forth barely missing him.  The prophet was wearing sackcloth, with his head covered in ashes, as well as sitting in ashes.  The blindfold was red, like crimson.  People were annoyed with his presence, even though he was not saying anything, nor hindering their day-to-day drive/walk to whatever destinations.

I asked God, “who is this guy?”

God replied, “he is a prophet.”

“Well, why does he have a blindfold around his eyes?”

God answered, “because the nation cannot see.  Blind teachers leading blind people into a ditch.”

Then I asked, “well God, prophets like in the Old Testament are usually talking, why isn’t he?”

God said, “nobody is asking him anything.”

Then I saw a great and tall tree, marred by disease and abuse.  The great branches that once gave shadow, were broken off and most of the leaves were gone.  Then, I saw a great man with a double-edged ax, and he began to chop the tree down, and nothing could stop him.

The vision’s meaning

The tree represents our country.  The disease that has come from within has killed it, thus it’s branches have fallen off, and it’s leaves were sparse.  The man with the double-edged ax represents God bringing the nation down.  The blindfolded prophet, who is silent, sitting in ashes, represents those that have been sent to warn America about it’s upcoming doom (sackcloth & ashes), how the nation is blind (the red blindfold).  His silence is because no one asks what God wants.  The people are annoyed with prophets and they don’t want to hear any more messaged from God, unless it works for their own good, which changes from day to day.

We were given a 4-year pause (Trump presidency) to come back to God, but we didn’t; instead, we lent our ears to false prophets, which were given visions by God to test the people (Deuteronomy 13:1-3). We (many, many Americans) made Trump into our “golden calf”, and now, it’s too late for our country.

But there’s hope.

From this, there is a “last great push” happening within this nation – a “secret” revival, that will sweep this nation, that will bring Americans (not the nation) back to Jesus.

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