End of the religions

This is How the Religions Will End, A Prophecy Given To Me From God

With the Pope’s visit to the peninsula, events has been “kick started” into the upcoming one world religion.  This is the vision that God gave me on February 15, 2019, 10:55 p.m. CST

This is how, from the standpoint of the different religions, the different faiths will end, and this will precede the great tribulation. Call this vision a prophecy, but I will share what I saw, then describe it in the next paragraph.
I first heard many voices merging into a few from the different faiths of this world. What came next were men with pitchers made of various metals, each representing their particular faiths. Each of these men represented the heads of each faith. The men came up to a pool that had no water. Each of them looked at each other, smiled and nodded. At that point, each of them poured very slowly their pitchers into the empty pool. The liquid that came out was of different colors, each representing the different faiths. The water kept pouring out and filling the entire pool. While you might think that the colors of fluid mixing together might make it brown or black, it did not, instead, the colors began to dissolve and become clear. Each of the men smiled and I could hear cheering of a vast crowd on the warm, pleasant Spring day. While the applause continued, a drop of black liquid came from above and below and went into the water. Though it took a little time, the water began to be black. From the center of the pool, a man arose without disturbing the water where he came up, though the water began to churn when his feet were on top of the black water. The people and leaders began to cheer.
The interpretation:
The Pope’s visit will spark a “commonality” between the two major faiths (Christianity & Islam), to which was signed that the two major religions work to find “common ground.” It will take some time, though much shorter than people think, that the different faiths will begin to “mingle” together and begin to lose their “color” that made the faiths what they were. When it’s all diluted and the different religions become one, like the clear water, the final tyrant (anti-christ) will rise in that area. Of course, his false-prophet will set up the new religion, but the beast will be at the center of it, as well as the god he will point to, just as he was at the center of the pool. The anti-christ will come up with nary a trouble, just as the water wasn’t disturbed when he rose in my vision for which God has given me.
I said long ago that I would not keep hidden what God gave me, so here it is. Do with it what you will, but the time is coming and the final hour is here.
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