Turn To God, Not To Man - Prophetic Word From God, April 3, 2020

Turn To God, Not To Man – Prophetic Word From God, April 3, 2020

God’s Word that came to me on April 3, 2020.

You wanted a king and not God like the Israelites (1 Samuel 8), and you got the king you requested.  Look at what boasting has brought, just like another king (Daniel 4).  Even a follower of God sent a message of Nebuchadnezzar and his folly to the world, but it wasn’t heard.  God has withheld the protection that he has given before, now we have fires, locusts and a worldwide plague (2 Chronicles 7:13-14).  New York boasted about the slaughter of the innocent, and now the innocent suffer.  The boasting of our new king, the boast of low unemployment and a booming economy has been taken away and yet we still turn to our king and his cabinet, but not to God!  How many more signs do we need before we realize that God is talking to His kids (Christians) that have given more than we are supposed to give to our present king?  We are to submit to the authorities that God has placed over us and give them honor as well as prayer (Romans 13:1-7), nothing more.  We have made a golden calf in the shape of a man!

Turn to God, not the king!

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