Donald trump

COVID-19 and the Death of a President

The coronavirus gives those in DC, corporate/social interests, and individuals a rare opportunity to kill Donald Trump and make it look like a COVID-19 related death. Each day, members of the White House are tested, and one day, the inner-circle of Trump’s advisors that meet with him comes up with a positive. It is in this instance where President Trump will “contract” the virus, not immediately, but soon after. He will go on for a time, conducting business as usual, but you will start to hear from the media that his health is failing. This reporting will go on for a while, setting in the minds of the majority of Americans that our leadership “is in danger.” News outlets will state that the President has been taken to a hospital several weeks after the initial report of Trump “contracting” the disease and the causes related to his escalation of deteriorating health and his overall poor health and working lifestyle. Since the President has several medical advisors around him (enter Fauci & others), they will advise him to go to the hospital straight away. The country will be listening to the media as each hour brings about more reporting that “it’s getting worse” and speculation about how the country will manage without the President, even though there is a chain of command in place – it’s all about fear. The world will then hear, at the eve of the economy getting better and very close to November, that President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States has died of complications related to COVID-19.

Again, this is just my speculation, nothing more.

I do not wish harm on the President, but it would be a very “convenient” way for certain groups/individuals to be rid of a man they’ve hated since he announced his interest in the Oval Office.

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