Cash in hand

COVID-19 and the Elimination of Cash

While my speculation is just that, a speculation, the theory that I’m about to give to the re-occurrence of COVID-19 and cash might be used by “legitimate sources“ in the very near future.

COVID-19 is making a resurgence in several spots across the world and while the actual reasons will either never be heard or be censored, what you might begin to hear is that a carrier of the disease will be cash. This will give an opportunity to the powers that be to introduce a cashless society under the guise of “safety and security.“ This will only be introduced after a point of multiple resurgences is of the coronavirus, leaving scientists and the medical profession baffled. This elimination of cash could also be coupled with the authorities saying that this will eliminate the drug trade, as the underworld of drugs is run mainly by cash, and the elimination of currency will put them out of business overnight.

This almost occurred with the first stimulus passage with the Democrats wanting to introduce a digital cash system with the Republicans halting it at the last minute. You could read more about that here: The “digital dollar,” or some other variant, will be kept so that people won’t get spooked by the elimination of the name “dollar.“ It’s about branding, and people will be more likely to accept a cashless society if the word “dollar“ is involved in the name.

We are already very much used to a cashless society as most of us pay with credit/debit cards and more and more people, like myself, are using our mobile devices to pay for things. It won’t take much for us to adapt to a cashless society, although I, personally, am not in favor of it.

I’m not suggesting a run on the bank or anything else for that matter, merely making a prediction, and I truly hope that I am wrong. If I am right, this will represent a new level of control for each and every American.

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