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The Theme to “Family Guy” | Day 289

The Theme to “Family Guy” is something quite amazing when you think of it.  Networks tried to stop this intro, but Seth said “we’re doing it”.

Family guy introThe Theme to “Family Guy” is something that is not seen, or rather heard, anymore in cartoons, an intro theme song.  The networks wanted to do away with it, but Seth was quite animate about having it included in his show.  The feel of the theme references the theme to the 70s show “All In the Family” where characters Archie and Edith Bunker sing of the good ol’ days where “girls were girls and men were men” (wow, they would get in trouble today).

Only 76 days left…


Lois: It seems today
That all you see
Is violence in movies and sex on TV
Peter: But where are those good old fashioned values
Stewie, Brian, Chris and Meg: On which we used to rely?
Entire Family: Lucky there’s a Family Guy
Lucky there’s a man who
Positively can do
All the things that make us
Stewie: Laugh and cry!
Entire Family: He’s… a… Fam… ily… Guy!

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