Lakini's Juice Live

Lakini’s Juice | Day 288

Lakini’s Juice is a dark song performed by the band LIVE.  I was always attracted to this song without realizing it’s meaning.

Lakini's Juice LiveLakini’s Juice is, in a nutshell, about obsession, from the standpoint of the darker side of love.  Lakini’s Juice is basically talking about the sin nature of humanity and how we do things that we don’t want to do because of the urges that are within us all.  How many of us have succumbed to compulsion, an animalistic need to do,..something and have regretted it later.

On a side note, Lakini is the Hindu goddess of destruction.

Only 77 days left…


it was an evening i shared with the sun
to find out where we belong
from the earliest days
we were dancing in the shadows

more wine
cuz i got to have it
more skin
cuz i got to eat it

inside the outside, by the river, used to be so calm
used to be so sane
I rushed the lady’s room
took the water from the toilet
washed her feet and blessed her name

more peace
is such a dirty habit
slow down, we’re too afraid

let me ride
let me ride
burn my eyes
let me ride

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