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The Sites I Use To Fact Check & Gather Data

In the world we live in, everyone should have a “toolbox” of websites that will have only facts & data.  These are mine, now they’re yours.

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Image taken from Jordan, C. (2020). Big Data Brings Challenges Beyond the Capabilities of Traditional SIEMs. Retrieved 7 June 2020, from

While this list is not all encompassing, it will give you a start in the world of gathering data and fact-checking stories and sources.  My list continues to grow, but I thought I would share what I’ve gathered so far, so you can be better equipped to deal with false information.

If you have sites of your own, please leave a comment & link.

Fact checking, Statistics, & Research

Bible Study, Resources & News

Christian News

General Christian resources

Computer & Tech Resources

Google Search Tools

Marketing Research

Psychology Resources


General fact checking & information

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