gold son of the man

Son of the Man | Day 302

Son of the Man is a song of mine that originated in the kennels.  I come up with some of my best work there.

gold son of the manSon of the Man is a song about the proper mindset of how a Christian should feel about money.  This is an unfinished work as I still have some work to do.  The song is rather self explanatory and was inspired by a brother of mine in Christ, who told me one day, while I was worrying about money “why work for the wealth when you’re a son of the man that owns the gold mine”.  It’s funny how a simple statement can have such a profound effect.

Only 63 days left…


This world of ours is really hard
Gettin’ harder every day
It tries to tell you that you’re poor
Broke in every way
But when the man comes to my door
And tells me “time to pay”
I hand him my money and
With a smile on my face, look at him and say…

I’m the son of the man that owns the mine
The biggest mine in town.
I’m the son of the man that owns the mine
So why should I wear a frown?
I’m the son of the man that owns the mine
And one day you’ll see
He’ll come back to town one day and give that mine to me.

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