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The REAL Story Behind Making Money From Your Website & YouTube

Scammers are out there saying that you can make QUICK MONEY from videos.  I’ve made money from my website & YouTube and I want to tell you how it really works.

Make money from YouTubeMost people want to make a little extra money from home.  Most people in this situation can get pretty desperate.  They can fall prey to scammers promising quick results with little effort.  While most of us say “oh, it takes work and time”, we are still attracted to videos showing plain folks throwing money on the table saying “all I did was just place ads”, or “I made this video and made millions”.  Well, I have made money online and still do and I want to tell you how it REALLY works.  You can make money, but it does take time, research, work, patience and consistency.

I make the bulk of my money from YouTube.  It does pay, but here are some things to keep in mind.

You won’t make money overnight

Well, you can, but it’s a rarity and seldom repeated.  If you want to be consistent with making money online, you will need a plan and it will take time to implement.  The video above shows my big payouts, but what it doesn’t show you is the weeks of research I did, the months of marketing and gaining of subscribers it took to get me there.  If you are wanting to start working from home, being now.  If you are about to lose your job in a week or month, you won’t substitute your check in that time, but you can begin to grow your online business.  Star today.

Research, research, research

 Who is your target audience, or, to put into laymen’s terms, who would be interested in seeing / reading about what you have to say?  What hashtags will you use?  Where will you share your information?  What’s the best time to share?  These are but a few questions you need to find the answers to before you begin your work.  You may find that ameba pics are really quite wonderful, but is there an audience out there that will feel the same.  Find out what interests you, then find out if you have the skills / talent (and you can train yourself in areas) are.  Find out if there is a need or desire for your area and, just as importantly, can you make money.  Simple enough, but many forget.

You gotta work it

I was very honest with my video in saying that I made money WHEN I WORKED, but it fell off when I stopped.  You can’t get past the work part.  You can utilize software, apps, time saving techniques, outsource help and all that, but in the end, you WILL be working.  If I had not been lazy and quit to sit on my blessed assurance, I could have been making several thousand dollars a month through online endeavors.  Sure, you can take days off, but you can’t just walk away and hope to maintain the money train.

Patience is a virtue

Even if you have everything worked out, you won’t see squat for a while.  This working online thing takes time and patience is what will separate success in making money online and failure.  When you look at your analytics and see that a few people are looking at your video, will you get discouraged and say “screw this!”, or will you see what’s going on and try to fix things.  My main YouTube channel have a few thousand subscribers; no where near the big channels out there, but those subscribers came in a little at a time.  I had patience and they came because I offered them something that was needed.  Remember the line from “Field of Dreams” which goes, “If you build it, they will come”.

Be consistent

Everyone is guilty at one time or another of inconsistency.  This is something that will kill your online money making efforts, especially on YouTube.  If you find a formula that works within your video, stick with it.  If you upload on specific days, keep to it.  If your material is on a particular topic, then stay with that.  People like consistency in their lives.  This helps build up an audience and brings recognition to your brand.

You can make money online.  You can make money from your website / blog / YouTube.  All of the above advice works.

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