Claudio Monteverdi Lasciatemi morire

Lasciatemi morire | Day 280

Lasciatemi morire, a song by Claudio Monteverdi, could be considered, by some, to be the very first emo song as the title translates “Let me die”.

Claudio Monteverdi Lasciatemi morireLasciatemi morire was one of the first Italian songs I ever learned in college. Jeff Nolte, my second voice teacher, taught me that when you are learning a song, it’s important to understand the text so you can convey the emotion of the piece. He emphasized that technique is one thing, but if you combine good technique with emotional content, you have a golden performance that will be memorable. This song, at the time, was a tough one for me to perform. The translation is,..well a bit somber, and, for me, I couldn’t just turn that on at will. This was another lesson from my teacher, that you had to remain in emotional control, otherwise it could hurt your voice. “You have to walk a tightrope”, was his wise words. I will miss you Jeff.

Only 84 days left…


Lasciatemi morire,
Lasciatemi morire;
E che volete voi che mi conforte
In così dura sorte,
In così gran martire?
Lasciatemi morire.


Let me die,
Let me die;
And what you would think could comfort me
In such a harsh fate,
In such a great martyrdom?
Let me die.

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