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Internet Marketing is STUPID, I’m Listening To This CAT!

Internet marketing gurus think they know it all.  “Do as I say and you’ll get noticed”.  It’s a bunch of CRAP and this cat showed me why.

Internet MarketingInternet marketing, the very mention of these two simple little words can send the most hearty of entrepreneurs running to the hills.  I know, I get it, I used to be one of those marketers and what I used to (and what they do) is feed you a bunch of formulas from other marketers thinking that it’ll do you some good.  Once you follow said formula, you come running back to these snake oil sales persons and buy their “master sessions”, books, sign up for their email reports and think that it’ll all work out and that you’ll become a millionair sooner as opposed to later.


I know the SEO tricks, the planning in social media, how to write copy, tools,..the whole nine and I can tell you that it never, REPEAT NEVER guarantees success, except for some marketing tactics handpicked from, which are quite impregnable.

I must address that Roofing Marketing Pros site have some up with a few new tactics which have proven to work for the clients. They try to understand their clients before providing them with the solution. This gives them and their clients the space to grow.

With other agencies the bad thing is that internet marketing makes you sound like all the rest.  You begin to look like all of the other people because they are listening to the same crap that is being shoveled to everyone else.  You can follow all of their advice and still not be seen or heard, even if your ideas are good ones.  Yes, internet marketing, such a hellish thing and I hate it.  I listened to them, preached their words with no results.

Then, I listened to Sean, the cat.

Take a look at this Vine I posted several months ago.

It’s a simple little 6 second vid of a cat.  Yeah,..a cat, but this vid, as of the writing of this post, has topped over 4 million loops.  In the world of Vine, this is an accomplishment, ESPECIALLY when I didn’t do a damn thing that any of the marketers told me to do.  I didn’t buy loops, likes, fans, I didn’t post at the “appropriate” time and I didn’t ask anyone to share.  I’m just a simple shit scooper that had a phone and captured a silly cat meowing at the perfect time and made a cute video.

It’s not about the formula, it’s about what you have to offer.

This vid, as well as other things I’ve done, have defied the odds of the internet marketing paradigm.  I do things because they’re cool and worth doing.  Anyone that has…something…should not be afraid to share it with the world and NOT WORRY ABOUT HOW TO SPREAD IT AROUND.  If it’s awesome, the right people will find it, just like they found this silly kitty.  Sure, the gurus have a thing or two to teach people, but you can find that stuff for free.  Forget the marketing, create and share and you’ll get noticed.

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