How can the radical left brainwash your children

How Can The Left Brainwash Your Children?

I look into the left’s agenda as to how they brainwash our children. I get into the “how,” “why,” “where,” and “when” this occurs. The left wants to brainwash your children so they can warp their views about Biblical truth, their parents/family, our country, and traditional values.

Their agenda is clear, the radical left is here, in part, to brainwash our children, and we need to save our kids if we are to save our families and our great nation. Their techniques are subtle and drawn out over a lifetime, and in this video, I’ll go over some of the techniques the left uses to brainwash our children.

Questions some people may ask on this subject are:

  1. How is the left brainwashing your children?
  2. How the left is brainwashing your children?
  3. How can the left brainwash your children?
  4. Why do the left brainwash your children?
  5. Where do the left brainwash your children?
  6. When do the left brainwash your children?

The educational system is one of the main tactics of the left where the redefinition of words is used to suit their ideals. Language is the vehicle on which thoughts are conveyed. The destruction of language is the beginning of tyranny.  The left co-ops words to suit their agendas. These redefined words are fed to them from authority figures seen throughout school, books, video, and social media. From kindergarten to universities, the left take the minds of our children and sculpt their thoughts to form a grotesque image that is nothing like the vision God has for them.

Much of the music and video often have trojan horse ideals that convey a single simple message that is nested within various forms of media. The idea seems simple and is hidden within the story. The writers, directors, and performers craft their media universe to not only convey their message, but they also create support through social proofing and media marketing tactics. They blitz various areas throughout the real and virtual world, throwing up their houses that have a foundation built on sand.

Many churches use deconstructionism to subvert the purest form of truth we have, the Bible. The books of the Bible are not seen as absolute truth by the worldly leftist churches, but relative to the culture of the time as well as the writer’s bias. “What is truth” is the new mantra in the pews, where congregants get to pick and choose from a buffet of beliefs, all tailor-made by the left. Houses of worship slowly turn into another community support center, taking God and Jesus out of the equation with the pastors shoveling out bits and pieces of scripture to support a more leftist, socialist agenda.

The left wants to control the future by changing the past. Revisionist historians seek to change and destroy what was once known. History is seen as little more than a building block for their radical agenda. Ideas of God, country, the family, and community are changed, their foundations that were once firmly grounded in historical fact are destroyed by the hammers of leftists ideals. Reshaping the present is not enough as the left seeks to control the past to change the future. If you don’t know who you are, then someone will tell you what you are to become.

Throughout all of their lies, the core tactic is the same as Satan’s; put lies next to truth and you will blind children to both.

So what are we to do? How can we take our children back?

Question your children about what they are learning. Ask them to support their ideals with truth and show them how to find the truth. Teach them the Bible, our history from those that know the facts. Teach them to look at the world with a critical eye through the lens of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible. Always be involved in the lives of your children, because they will inherit this Earth. Teach them to stand by their convictions and not capitulate to the group.

The left of today seeks to brainwash our children. They are blind teachers, seeking to gauge out the eyes and tear apart the minds of our children so they can lead them to a dark pit. Now is the time when we must stand and protect our precious assets, our children.

"Put lies next to truth and you will blind children to both." ~Robert Wimer

"If you don't know who you are, someone will tell you what you are to become." ~Robert Wimer

"The destruction of language is the beginning of tyranny." ~Robert Wimer

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