On Discernment and Deception, the alien deception

On Discernment and Deception

About a year ago, I gave a talk to my morning congregation at Fist Christian about discernment. My main idea, to make sure that we (Christians) need to be able to discern the truth ourselves and to not depend upon “experts” within our faith. In this talk, I gave a hyperbole example of “an arrival” by aliens and the infusion of their spiritual culture within our society. While I gave this example, and by all accounts, this is the very definition of hyperbole, it is something that I do believe will near the end. Many in the Christian community call this “the alien deception”, and it is a theory that I also subscribe.

Listed below are a fictitious set of “stages” that might occur during this arrival. I read these off to the morning congregation and asked “how would you react to these events? Would you be able to stand your ground and speak the truth?” They are as follows:

Stage 1: you wake up, turn on your computer or check your mobile device to see that the news and social media websites are talking about one thing, that spaceships have parked themselves over every major city across the globe. Fear, speculation, hope and other emotions are palatable in the online conversations as well as the dialogues in real life. The question of life in the universe has been answered in a single moment.

Stage 2: News comes out of the White House that the visitors will be talking to all of the governments and peoples of the world at the same time later on this evening. The President has assured the people to not be afraid, to go about your day-to-day business. He states his hope that peaceful relations will happen. Later on that evening, the very thing that is hoped for by millions is realized,..they come in peace.

Stage 3: Social media, news outlets and conversations are still on the visitors from afar but the tone has changed. Instead of fear and dread, hope and curiosity is taking precedence. We begin to learn more about the culture of the visitors as they freely share their culture with the masses. Technology is also shared which promises to change the world for the better.

Stage 4: The visitors are common place. We being to hear from different corners of the web and world about how these visitors worship. The Catholic Church has viewed them as “creatures of God”. Most of the Protestant churches are coming around to the idea of the visitors as creatures of God, but the idea of salvation comes into play. Are the saved? Do they have souls?

Stage 5: The visitors begin to disclose that they have visited our earth long ago and had influence in our past with regard to the differing religions. They disclose that many of our religions “have it right” in some respects, but with the passage of time, the message got jumbled. They begin to explain how it was supposed to be. Many of the different faiths begin to pick up the new paradigm as it excludes much of the “hot button” issues that we grapple with today.

Stage 6: It comes out that Jesus was actually a visitor, a hybrid of alien / human DNA. The “historical documents’ from the visitors is shared with everyone. Along with this shock to Christians, all of the major religions have had similar news. Mohammed was a visitor; the Jews were speaking to visitors throughout the Old Testament. New Age meditation has been “proven” by the visitors that these people have been “in contact” with the collective consciousness of the visitors. Visitors belief structure is mixed into a new way of worship.

Stage 7: Updates to all online Bibles and other religious materials have happened with the new information. New hard copies are being printed and sold at an unprecedented rate. Church services are holding ecumenical worship services not only with people of once differing faiths, but with visitors as more and more individuals are achieving new spiritual levels that bring them closer to god. There are still “hold outs”, ones that simply won’t change, but they are in the minority, not even amounting to 10 percent.

Stage 8: One year after the announcement, a new minister to the church makes her way to the pulpit. She is joined by a visitor who is a religious figure within their culture. You see the new bibles in the pews and the new teaching begins.

As some of you have already read in past posts, I wrote an article some time ago where I discuss how “infrastructure” is seemingly being established in my article “THE EVENT | How Humanity Will Be Deceived By “An Arrival”. There is validity in how I, and many others, feel about this deception. Got Questions even wrote about the validity of an alien deception during the end times. Before, I put off my idea as fanciful thinking, that was until Pathos wrote about a 1.1 million grant given to a think tank by NASA to explore the idea of how society, specifically the religions of the world, would react to the news of intelligent life outside our world.

It is understandable how many desire the idea that there is something “more” outside of this earth. Our world is going through birth pains in the form of conflict and uncertainty. Many people who don’t have Jesus, are looking for answers, but they are looking in the wrong places. IF, and I do emphasize if, this deception occurs, it will be a road followed by many, including many within the body of Christ (Matthew 24:23-25). It was with this ideal that I gave my talk on discernment, given not to lost folks, but to the found.

Jesus Christ is the only way and all other paths, no matter how safe and secure, no matter how “enlightened”, are deceptions. People will be tempted with information, supposed knowledge and wisdom that is desirable, and it will look as desirable as fruit from so long ago (Genesis 3:1-6). Satan’s tactics have not changed, just dressed up differently. The bait still works on a great many people,..to become a god. Don’t be deceived, stay with what’s true, stay with what is found in the Bible and no where else. To those who don’t have Jesus, you have a choice to come to him now and ask forgiveness. Be reconciled to the Father through the Son (2 Peter 3:9, John 3:16, Romans 10:8-9).

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