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Why Democrats Will Never Win Republicans To Their Side

South Park’s “Doubling Down” episode gives us a very insightful view as to why many Republicans/Conservatives will never back off their support for President Trump.

I recently subscribed to the ad-free tier of Hulu and I’m enjoying catching up on certain shows, one of which is Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “South Park.”

To say that South Park is crude and vulgar is an understatement, but I’ve found it to be the best satirical societal commentary to date.  From the economy to politics, religion, stars, and issues, there’s nothing that is off-limits in this animated series, which is now in its 23rd season as of the writing of this post with no signs of stopping (no shortage of material.)  Because politics plays a huge part in the source material, the 2016 presidential election was the central focus during many of South Park’s later seasons, with side focuses on smaller stories within an episode that lends support to the seasonal story arc.  It is with season 21, episode 7’s “Doubling Down” that I saw the writers sage advice to the audience.

To set up the story, Eric Cartman, a jerk of a character, and Heidi have just broken up.  This dissolving relationship was highlighted throughout season 21, with the epoch (breakup) happening in episode 7.  The sage characters of South Park were wondering how long this relationship could last between a racist, sociopathic, horrible person (Eric) and the sweet Heidi without a breakup happening soon, and with this episode, it happened.  The girls of South Park elementary decide to take Heidi out to dinner to congratulate her on her newly acquired “freedom.”

It is with the dinner scene below that we get the author’s note & commentary to the audience.  WARNING – there is crude language, so you might want to watch this later or turn your volume down.

Because of this barrage of commentary from her “friends,” Heidi returns to Eric, even though he is bad for her, and “doubles-down” on her commitment to her relationship, as we see in subsequent episodes.

We see a familiar trend across various forms of media today, two years after this 1-year anniversary episode occurring on the anniversary of Donald Trump’s election.  “Trump voters are stupid,” and “what a bunch of dumb-asses,” are the more polite phrases directed to those that voted for our 45th President, which includes me.  These insults do not instill any type of retrospect as to the “mistake” of our choice – in fact, it makes us want to “double-down” on our voting for Donald Trump in 2020.  Our votes, as well as our continued support in their various forms, count as a form of public declaration, and everyone will defend their public declarations even if they are wrong – we’re hard-wired that way, which explains how people continually get involved and support cults.

No one will change anyone’s mind if the individual who is seen to have made a mistake in judgment/choices is made to feel stupid.  Such pretentious fodder coming from the mouths and fingers of elite snobs will only seek to drive the potential convert more into the enemy’s camp.  After all, no one’s going to admit that you are right if you’re acting like an asshole.

While I voted for Donald Trump, I will readily state that I detest his character, but God has placed him in the Oval Office, and I accept that.  Every time I think about considering a Democratic candidate, several of my friend’s posts pop up – their condescending fingers typing out the words that echo their snobbish mindset towards others that don’t think like them, supported by their particular choir of friends, singing the hateful chorus directed to those that they seek to change their vote to someone that they see as “more Presidential.”  This goes towards anyone in every facet of life.

As of the writing of this post, my vote will not be swayed from Donald Trump, partially because of those Democratic elites.

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