The Pegan Prophets

The Pagan Prophets

Does God use pagans as prophets?  I believe that He does, and uses books, movies, music, TV and other forms of media to send His message through what has been known as “predictive programming”.

The Pegan ProphetsI truly believe that God can impart prophecy to non-believers. Pharoh from the time of Joseph, Nebuchadnezzar from the time of Daniel, Caiaphas, from the time of Jesus was given a prophecy, but when they uttered them, it went on deaf ears until a man (in these three instances) of God was on the scene to give the interpretation, interpretation is given by God Himself. These three were given visions of what was to come and to the truth, but to them, the ones given the vision/dream, it was meaningless.
It is in this idea that I believe God has and is giving, prophecy through individuals today that are not necessarily “of the family”. God can use anyone to suit His ends and to aid His children. When we read about how Paul was saved by Gallio (Acts 18:14-17), we see that God can use anyone to suit His agenda and aid His Family.
It is in this idea that I believe in something called “predictive programming”. Predictive programming is instances where movies, TV, books and other creative forms, gives prophecy of upcoming events with eerie accuracy through their particular narrative. I believe that artists, more than any other person, is more “receptive” to God because they are more in touch and use their imagination, the mechanism given to us by our Creator and used by Him to speak to us in visions/dreams.
 In 1898, Morgan Robertson wrote a novella originally called “Futility” but renamed “The Wreck of the Titan”.  The book had uncanny similarities to the sinking of the Titanic 14 years later, as the Titan also met its end by an iceberg.  While this book was created many years before movies, it would fall under the predictive programming criteria.  Perhaps if the ill-fated passengers of the Titanic had read the book or remembered the words on it’s pages, they might not have bought a ticket on the “unsinkable ship”.
Prophecy can take on many forms, from spoken and written words found in the Bible to modern-day prophets, and there are prophets today, dispensing God’s Word and warnings in modern media.  Listed below are several instances of movies/TV programs created before the actual event took place:

1. “Do the Right Thing” 1989:  There is a scene where an African-American male is choked to death by the police, which causes a riot.

which preceded….

The LA Riots 1992:

2. “The Trigger Effect” 1996:

which preceded….

The Northeast Blackout of 2003:

3. “Oil Storm” 2005:

which preceded….and this was so close

Hurricane Katrina 2005:

4. “The Devil’s Due” (hasn’t happened yet)

Devil’s Due (Star Trek: The Next Generation)  This is a glimpse into the event I’m talking about.
Wikipedia. (2016). Devil’s Due (Star Trek: The Next Generation). [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Jun. 2016].

5. “Eagle Eye” (description of the PRISM program)
Caruso, D., Glenn, J., Wright, T., LaBeouf, S., Monaghan, M. and Dawson, R.
Caruso, D., Glenn, J., Wright, T., LaBeouf, S., Monaghan, M. and Dawson, R. (2016). Eagle Eye (2008). [online] IMDb. Available at: [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

6.  “The Lone Gunmen” 2001

The debut series predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks several months before it happened.  (  View the clip at

These are but a few examples.

While I don’t believe that everything that is uttered from the entertainment industry is a word/warning from God, I do believe that He has and is speaking through, from time to time, our media.  Perhaps our painters, writers, directors and the like, are getting a message from God and putting it into their particular form of media.  They don’t have to be a believer, they just have to be open, create, tell the story and wait for a receptive person from God to interpret His Word to the World.

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