Throw away your Bible

Destroying The Bible & How We’re Letting It Happen

How the not-so-latest way of interpreting the Bible is eroding the fabric of churches and the faith of Christians.  This is how the Devil works, not with a shove, but with a nudge.

One of the most disturbing trends that have happened over the last several decades in churches and Christian households is the way of interpreting the Word of God.  “Deconstructionism” is the method of looking at the Bible through the smudged lens of human ideals – taking away the notion that every word was divinely inspired.

GotQuestions states it best:

At the heart of the deconstructionist theory of interpretation are two primary ideas. First is the idea that no passage or text can possibly convey a single reliable, consistent, and coherent message to everyone who reads or hears it. The second is that the author who wrote the text is less responsible for the piece’s content than are the impersonal forces of culture such as language and the author’s unconscious ideology.” ~”Deconstructionism – Is It A Valid Way To Interpret The Bible? | Gotquestions.Org.” N. p., 2020. Web. 20 Jan. 2020.

In taking away the variable of Godly inspiration, the reader, teacher, and preacher that utilizes this method, can basically subvert the Bible and interpret it in a way that matches a worldview.

Over the last 30 years, churches and Christians have adopted views that are in direct contradiction to scripture.  With this ideology, the churches and Christians that follow the deconstructionism method often teach in a method that doesn’t place the Word of God at the center – with subsequent reading materials that help to mine the passages for all their worth – but teach based off of earthly knowledge pinned by more contemporary authors with twisted interpretation of scripture to support their worldview.  We see deconstructionism playing out with the acceptance of homosexuality/transgenderism and abortions within the flock with the supporters stating to the Christian critic, “well, the writers didn’t know what we know now,” or “well, the culture of the period when the Bible was written was a patriarchy and middle-eastern.”

With the growing support of Socialism (and all its sub-names) and Communism in the United States, deconstructionism offers a tool to the leader and followers that wish to subvert the supremacy of scripture, a method to change the minds and hearts of others.  Being off one degree in the here and now, will take you miles off course in the here-after.  Christians will not know how to rightfully discern the Word of God if they begin to listen to the voices of these blind fools, instead of listening to the Holy Spirit, the true author of the Bible.

While it’s true that two Christians can look at a passage and gain two different insights, neither one of those revelations should counter each other or any part of the Bible.  Interpretation, if done properly and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, should bring about the same message for everyone in the body of Christ with no contradictions.

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