Get Healed By God

The 8-Point Healing Script To Cure Sickness

Before you begin, please watch the video below.  It’s a type of “orientation” video to get you started.  The memes below are the script with accompanying scripture.  In this video, I walk you through scripture that will build up your faith and remind you of the promises of God to be healed from any and all physical & mental illnesses.

It’s important to understand one thing…saying the script verbatim will not cure you as these are not “magic words.”  As stated in the video above, as well as here, this is a blueprint – a template, if you will, on how to not only build up your faith to be healed of any form of sickness you may have but to also bring healing to others by the power of God.  All of the statements are broken up into segments with the supporting scripture attached to each statement block.  Each block is numbered for organization and you are free to use these for your personal use.

I will also say – which is an addendum to the video – that you only need 2 things from the person with whom you are helping (praying over); you need to ask them if they want to be healed and if you can pray over them.  This gives God permission to heal through the laying on of hands.  The person saying “yes” to both questions has allowed God and you into their lives so they can be healed.  Keep it simple.  When you are done, go about your day with the understanding that it’s in God Court, so don’t worry or bother yourself with notions like “I wonder if they’re well” or other such things.

Faith is necessary

Without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).  Between two or more people – the Christian doing the healing and the person(s) needing to be healed – faith is needed in the Christian.  Remember, faith is not manufactured by the mind but is given by God as part of the Spiritual fruits (Galatians 5:22-23).  You do not need to “build up their faith” (but it does help if they have it), nor do you need to develop a relationship (getting to know them).  Healings – no matter how “big” – is a sign that follows all believers (Mark 16:15-18).  Faith is necessary for any and all healings to occur from the Christian onto the sick person(s).

The script:

The 8 point healing script-01

The 8 point healing script-09

The 8 point healing script-02

The 8 point healing script-10

The 8 point healing script-03

The 8 point healing script-11

The 8 point healing script-04

The 8 point healing script-12

The 8 point healing script-13

The 8 point healing script-14

The 8 point healing script-05

The 8 point healing script-15

The 8 point healing script-06

The 8 point healing script-16

The 8 point healing script-07

The 8 point healing script-17

The 8 point healing script-08

The 8 point healing script-18

A note about failed healing – resistance

As Christians, you may encounter instances where the healing power of God may not work. I would like to offer an explanation.

We (Christians) have been given authority to heal sickness in the name of Jesus, but two things must be present from the person needing healing — a desire to be healed and a true willingness to be prayed over. Yes, the Christian laying hands must have faith, but that’s another conversation. When healing those that are close to you (family, friends, etc.), you might encounter an unwillingness to accept healing and/or a “polite” response to being prayed over.

Some people identify themselves with their sickness. As strange as that may seem, if you were to take away their pain, you would – in essence – take away their identity, hence a failed healing attempt.

Some people are polite and will say “yes” when you are asking to pray over them, but in their minds, they don’t want you to pray, much less to lay hands on them. This will also produce a failed result.

It’s God that heals through the Christian and God is not a trespasser. He won’t go where He is not wanted. A heartful unwillingness on the person needing healing either in the area of not wanting to be healed or not wanting to be prayed over will yield failure.

I’ve encountered this several times and, thankfully, God has given me wisdom in this area, which released my feelings of failure and doubt.

Strangers, people who can’t respond, even the dead are more willing to be healed and prayed over, bearing the fruit of abundant health promised by our Lord. Family members, people who know us, close friends….well…just prepare yourselves for resistance.

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