Sunset shining through tree limbs

Reminding Yourself – You Are A Spiritual Being

Do things that are spiritual in nature. The physical (in most cases) is fine, but spiritual reminds you, if you are a new creation through Jesus Christ, that your REAL nature IS A SPIRITUAL ONE.

It’s hard, especially when all the world reminds you, to do spiritual things.  Humans are not animals, nor did we evolve from an animal group,  Individuals who have taken Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior, have been transformed and should identify as the new creation – the “new man” – and not with their “natural self.”  We are to walk in the spirit as well as doing spiritual things.

How can you tell the difference? Simple; if a chimp could understand it or a machine could duplicate the motive, then it’s natural.

If I come home from working and sit on the couch all evening/morning because I’m tired, a chimp gets that – being tired and wanting to just relax. A chimp gets watching TV. A chimp gets sitting and eating until you go to bed.

But, if you sit and read, a chimp doesn’t understand reading, because reading (just one example) is a spiritual act!

A machine can be made to paint, compose, or sculpt, but it can’t duplicate THE REASON for doing these things. Humans – those that are doing spiritual things – compose music to tell a story, convey emotion, and other “spiritual” things. Humans – those that are doing spiritual things – sculpt through inspiration, to convey a message, to tell the world how they feel, and other spiritual things. Humans – those that are doing spiritual things – paint to tell their thoughts, mood, spread a message, and other spiritual things.

To do something spiritual is to do something, whether small or great, that an animal can’t understand or a machine can’t duplicate the motive. You do spiritual things to give your life meaning – a sense of purpose. Animals (to which humans are not) and machines will never understand art, why a person wears a ring, etiquette, making money, decorating your home, putting “useless” objects in a bathroom, gardening, or the millions of other big and small things that are spiritual.

Look around at your life and ask, “am I doing spiritual things, or am I just an animal/machine?”

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