On Being “Invisible” In This New World

Christians need to adopt a new way of doing things, especially in the post-Trump era.  Here are my suggestions.

Since I’m not under scrutiny & have kept my feed “clean” (no Facebook jail), I can give this out without fear of being watched. This is how Social media should be done – for your health & well being 😉

You need to begin to find decentralized and/or privately owned platforms in which to fight the good fight. Don’t leave Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or any of them, but continue to work in them to spread the work, as they are good camouflage. Don’t be STUPID and do stupid things to get you noticed here. Post “cutsy” things to keep yourself under the radar. If you have done stupid stuff & wish to “clean up,” do it slowly & phase in good character. Things that are done suddenly draw suspicion, while phasing in “social goodness” will make others & the algorithms think that you’ve had a change of heart.

Be a “good citizen” here, & don’t get all pissy. Emotional posts are tracked, and quite easily, I might add.

When posting memes, use language/symbolism so others can understand & change it up. The algorithms that are in place learn quickly, so use different ciphers frequently. This short clip gives a great way of changing things up as to keep under the radar. Yes, it’s humorous, but it is an effective method.

Stop using specific hashtags, but use generalized hashtags in combination or slight mis-spellings. The removal of hashtags is quite easy and the efforts of many can be thrown down the memory hole quick quickly. Abandon the mis-spelled ones quickly. Anything below 25 is somewhat safe, but won’t be for long. 10 uses max.

Set up a website. It’s old-school, but very effective. Use it as a front only, not for the main source & use coded posts.

Distribute directly. Airdrop is your friend.

Start using proxies, ESPECIALLY ON MOBILE.

I’ve found that Parler is good for short-form communication and LBRY is good for video/audio/documents. Use these two for your REAL communication & organization efforts, as they are a great “level 2” should you get banned from the traditional networks. From these 2 networks, you can re-organize & tell others where you’ll be should the “level 2” networks get compromised. Don’t give away the store here, but make them a source of communication, but always work them from the standpoint of “can I immediately leave & still have what I need to go on?”

Start using symbolism & ciphers, as well as changing your posts into non-attention getting code, not utilizing buzzwords that trigger the primary social media’s algorithms.

Get started.

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