Monkey counting money

Money – The Example of Carnal VS Spiritual.

Many Christians view monetary transactions as a necessity to live on Earth. But they don’t believe that handling money in its various facets is spiritual. The area of business – small or large – gives us a tangible example of carnality VS spirituality.

If an animal observes you and understands what you are doing, it’s carnal. Likewise, it’s carnal if an animal can correctly execute its observations of your actions and achieve the same results every time.

Example: A monkey can observe a human sitting on the couch eating chips and can understand what’s going on. A monkey can imitate this process and achieve the same goals. Sitting on the couch, eating chips, is carnal. But if I were to sit at a table with prepared food in front of me, using silverware, having a napkin on my leg with Bach playing in the background, the monkey may be able to imitate it, but it won’t understand why I did all the “extras.”

The extras turned a carnal thing into a spiritual thing. Money is the same way.

A monkey can observe us handling money, paying someone for gas, lending money to others, and can imitate handing over currency, but it has no idea what it’s doing. Money, business, transactions, saving, and investing are not carnal but spiritual.

When you pay someone to work on your house, it’s spiritual. When you invest in stocks, it’s spiritual. When you give a loved one money, it’s spiritual. When you go to work, exchanging your time for money, it’s spiritual. So don’t let anyone take away the spiritual aspect of money.

Money is not to be loved, but it’s not to be hated. So give the proper respect to cash, which is a spiritual item.

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