How Satan Used Scripture To Torment Me

Yes, Satan can use Scripture to torment Christians.  He did it to me in the area of earning a living and I battled it for decades.

A critical mindset (stronghold) that I constantly battle from demons, as well as others around me, is in the realm of earning a living.

For years, dare I say decades, I battled a mindset that kept me from working creatively.  These mindsets, often supported by those around me I respected, were reinforced by demons who utilized scripture to keep me in bondage.  The Devil used scripture against Jesus during the wilderness temptation, so it is not an uncommon tactic.

1 Timothy 6:5-10 and 1 Thessalonians 4:11 were the cannon fodder that was constantly fired at my mind for many, many years.  I wanted to be a “good follower of Jesus”, so I dropped a lot of my creative ideas and projects so I could “work with my hands” and “be content with food and clothing”.  Years passed and I – with the help of God – realized that this was a type of attack from the enemy who targeted a specific breach in my thinking – money.  The scriptures are correct, but they were twisted to do harm, not good, by the master liar & accuser, the Devil.

To any and all creative Christians reading this, if this resonates with you in some way, then you are also working under a false mindset.  You can be creative and earn a Godly living.  Working with your hands can also mean working at a keyboard.  I am content with food and clothing, BUT I want to walk in that abundant living that Jesus promised, so I can not only help my household financially but help others.  Don’t let anyone, OR ANY PREACHER/CHURCH, or the Devil himself tell you that the creative things that you do – if they are Godly – are against scripture.

This is the battle I’ve waged for well over a decade…learn from my battle story.

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