From the Shadows

“From the Shadows”

In the natural world, I saw differences in others that is obvious.  Skin color, gender, height, age, and the like, were visible signs of differences, but not here, no, not at all.  What I saw was much more…real.

Shadowman“Now, listen to me, I want you to just look,” the guide told me.  “I want you to look and don’t say anything,..yet.  Do you understand?”

“Yes”, I said, but I had so many things to ask, I mean, I was out of my body and in this whole spirit world thing and all he wanted me to do was just look.  I knew not to cross him and to do as he said since he resided in this world.  He was my guide and I was his student, and the lesson for tonight was observation.

We went through this world with such speed that it was almost instantaneous.  It was different, but the same, no words are enough to explain what I saw.  I could see the buildings, streets, cars and other everyday things, but there were parts that were…corroded and dirty.  Holes seem to be at other points and the sky above as well as on the ground was filled with…life, or what would constitute as life in this ethereal plain.  The inhabitants of this world came in all different shapes and sizes, all putrid and detestable.  I could tell that there was a type of ranking in this world as my guide had his minions and he was someone else’s lackey.  There were such evil and hatred among them, but they worked together towards common goals, none of which I wanted any part of, nor cared about except my own.  My goal, which is all that mattered, my goals, were learning about power and how to hurt others in this place.

“Look down”, the guide told me, “look at the people and tell me what you see.  Don’t say it, that comes later, just think it.”

I looked and it was the oddest thing; they were people, but they weren’t.

In the natural world, I saw differences in others that were obvious.  Skin color, gender, height, age, and the like, were visible signs of differences, but not here, no, not at all.  What I saw was much more…real.

The people were like outlines, but not (so hard to explain), and within those outlines, there were two different “species” that I clearly noticed.  The first type of people was…empty with a dead, rotting stench (odd that I could smell here, but there you are) that permeated from them.  I couldn’t understand how they could be walking and doing activities as I clearly surmised that they were dead and my guide didn’t correct me.  “They are dead.  These are the ones that belong to us, to do with as we need or please.  These are the ones you’ll work.” my companion informed me.  As I looked deeper into the dead things, I could see instances of something moving, looking, but it went away quickly.  I wanted to ask my guide what I noticed, but we had a schedule to keep.  “Now, look at that one”, and I turned to see what I would later call “light people”.  These people differ as to the intensity of the light that lived within their form, but the light was the same.  I could barely look at even the least of these light people as it not only hurt me but I was repulsed by them.  I hated them and wanted to hurt them, but my guide, sensing my awareness quickly intervened and said “these are out of your reach and you are not to do anything to them.  They are left for others to work on, do you understand?”

“Yes,” I said

“Now, do you see that one over there,..the dead one?” he asked

“Yes,” as my gaze turned from the light to the death.

“Now, I want you to speak and I want you to curse it,”

“Wait, how can I speak when I don’t have a body?” I asked

“Just remember how you spoke while in your body and do it here.  This is why I told you not to speak at the beginning.  You will speak only curses while you are here and only to those we give you the authority to do so, do you understand?”

“Yes,” I replied

“Then speak…”

I opened my mouth if there was such a thing in this realm, and spoke such utter vile and profanity on this dead thing.  What happened was horrifying.  What was coming out of me was a type of black oily substance that was directed at this dead person.  It seemed to stick on him and began to seep into his outline.  I spoke more curses, heaping word upon word on this form like a sledgehammer and I didn’t stop until something broke.  What happened next both amazed and startled me; this form stopped, knelt down and vomited!  Did I do that, I wondered.  Did I just cause this person to get sick in the “real” world?

“Do you understand?” my guide asked, having a pleasing tone if ever he had one, to begin with.

“Yes,” I said

“This is your power here, this is what you’ll do at the start.  Do you understand?”


I understood all right.  I understood that there was power here, that there was power in my word, that this world was more real than the “real world” that people seemed worried about.  I knew that this was just the beginning, that I was doing what I wanted to do, spewing my hatred on others so I could hurt them.  I couldn’t be caught and I had power.

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