From the Shadows

“From the Shadows”

In the natural world, I saw differences in others that are obvious.  Skin color, gender, height, age, and the like, were visible signs of differences, but not here, no, not at all.  What I saw was much more…real.


The guide instructed me to “now listen; I want you to just look.” “Please look; hold your judgment for now.” “Are you getting it?”

“Yes,” I replied, but there were so many questions I wanted to ask; after all, I was no longer physically present and was instead immersed in the spirit realm, and all he wanted me to do was observe. The fact that he was a resident of this world made it clear to me that I should not test his patience and should do as he instructed. Tonight, he was my teacher and I was his student as we engaged in a lesson in observation.

The time it took us to travel through this world felt like an instant. It was unique, yet familiar. It’s impossible to put into words the sights I beheld. Everything from buildings to streets to vehicles was visible, though some of it was corroded and dirty. All over this ethereal plain, there appeared to be holes at varying elevations, and life could be seen both in the air and on the ground. Everyone who lived on this planet was vile and repulsive, but they came in all sizes and shapes. My guide had his own henchmen, so I knew there was a pecking order in this world. There was so much malice and animosity among them, yet they all pulled together to achieve goals I had no interest in furthering. My objective was to gain knowledge of authority and discover new methods of inflicting pain.

“The guide instructed me to “look down,” adding, “look at the people, and tell me what I see.” Saying it comes later; for now, just think it.”

When I took a closer look, I noticed something very peculiar: these beings possessed both human and nonhuman characteristics.

I noticed glaring differences between people out in nature. There were no outward indications of diversity such as skin color, gender, height, age, etc. Indeed, my observations proved to be spot on.

Humans appeared as faint outlines, and I could make out two distinct “species” within those silhouettes. The first group of people I encountered was…devoid of life, giving off a dead, rotting odor (which, yes, I could smell here). I assumed they were dead because I couldn’t comprehend how they could be moving and engaging in activities, and my guide didn’t set me straight. “They have perished. The rights to these individuals are ours to exercise as we see fit. You’re going to put some effort into these, “I was told by my associate. When I peered more closely at the corpses, I caught fleeting glimpses of movement and eye contact, but those moments always ended abruptly. The only thing holding me back from asking my guide what I saw was the time constraint.

At the voice’s command, I turned to see what I would come to refer to as “light people.” The intensity of the light was different for each of these people, but the light itself was consistent. Seeing even one of these light people caused me pain, and I felt utterly repulsed by them. I wanted to hurt them and hated them so much, but my guide, sensing my awareness, said, “You may not touch or otherwise interact with them because they are out of your reach. Do you get that they are abandoned for the benefit of others?”

Yes, I answered.

“Now, do you see that one over there,..the dead one?” he inquired.

My eyes shifted from the bright world to the living dead, and I answered yes.

Now I want you to say what you really think of it and curse it out loud.

“Wait a minute,” I thought, “how can I talk if I have no body?” Obviously, I had to inquire.

“Don’t overthink it; just mimic your body language from earlier and do it here. That’s why I cautioned you against making any initial comments. Do you understand that while you’re in our existence, you’re only allowed to utter curses and only in the presence of those we specifically authorize?”

The answer was a confident “yes” on my part.

Then say what you desire to say.

If there was such a thing as using one’s voice in this world, I used it to utter the most heinous of obscenities on this lifeless object. The events were truly terrifying. What was coming from me was a black, oily substance that was directed at this deceased individual. The substance clung to him and began to permeate his profile. I continued to hurl curses at this form, pounding it with words like a sledgehammer, until it finally gave way. I was completely taken aback by what happened next. This shape halted, leaned forward, and threw up! Was that a result of my actions? I was curious. Could I have made this person ill in the “real” world?

My helpful guide asked me in a pleasantly soothing voice, “Do you understand?”

Yes, I answered.

“This is where your authority lies; use it to your advantage right away. So, do you get it?”


No problem there, I got it. I realized that I could have an impact here, that my words carried weight, and that this alternate reality was more true to life than the “real world” about which so many people fretted. This was only the beginning, I realized; I was finally fulfilling my darkest desires by inflicting my hatred upon others. But I was immune to capture and held considerable dominion.

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