“Do You See What I See?” | Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Superman, being affected by the kryptonite meteor, went after President Luthor.  The only thing that saved our beloved President was a reformed Metallo.  Metallo died while serving our country…or did he?

Superman Batman Public Enemies MetalloThe President was making yet another speech.  Luthor seemed to love the camera, but now, now he was interfering with the game.  I listened (as I had no choice) while sipping my beer at how Superman tried to attack him, only to be stopped by Metallo.  I used to have a problem with the walking toaster, but now, John Corban was reformed and serving our great country.  It was then that the camera switched to footage of the attack…now we’re gonna see some action.

The first thing I saw was a smoldering Metallo!  I couldn’t believe it!

President Luthor said that the freak Superman did it trying to settle a personal score.  Yeah, yeah, I get it, there are people that are in the red with me that I would like nothing better than to settle their books with my fists, but to kill…no way.

Then, I saw it for myself, the President tried to shake Superman’s hand and the alien just threw him down.  Metallo tried to stop him, but it was no use; Superman threw a car on Corban and using his heat vision, blew up the car and killed him.

Superman, I hope you’ve got your accounts settled because I’m coming for you and that billion dollars will be mine.

It’s funny how the truth can play out, funny in the fact that truth can be twisted to serve an agenda.  For me, and many others that have watched the movie, the above scenario was not how things happened.  Metallo was not a hero, but a villain working for a greater villain.

We know what really happened during President Luthor and Superman’s “meeting”, but this is what everyone in that universe saw (3:21 mark in the video:

We, watching the flick, knew what really happened.  We knew the truth, but the people of the DC universe only knew bits and pieces and from their perspective, they thought they knew the truth.

Truth, truth, truth…ok, I’ll ask you, having watched the two videos above, what is the truth?  Don’t worry, I’ll wait right here until you’re done…

…you’re back…ok.  METALLO AND LUTHOR ARE BAD, plain and simple!  How do we know this, how could we go into the bar and tell the dude sipping his beer that he’s being fooled, because we have a birds-eye view on things?  We know stuff he doesn’t.  We see things that he didn’t, and for those of you who have watched this movie several times (like me), we even know the future and WHY things happened the way that they did.

Kinda like God knows stuff we don’t (Isaiah 55:8-9, Isaiah 46:9-10)

I have a really hard time doing what God tells me to do sometimes, um, ok, a lot of times.  He tells me to not do this, to go here, to talk to this person, all the while the things I see, hear and know, say that I should do something else, but I haven’t watched the movie and I don’t have that bird’s-eye view like He does.  God knows His stuff, and not only for my life, but everyone’s life that is living, ever lived and will live on this earth  Not only that, but he knows…well…everything.  It’s hard for me to get that, sitting in my particular room, watching TV where I get only a half-truth.

Before I go out and settle a score, make a plan, or do, whatever, perhaps I need to consult the dude who knows the script, but also made the movie.

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