Dirty Mop Water

A Dirty Floor, A Dirty Life

The fellowship hall at First Christian Church in Trenton is a rather large space. Every week, I go in and mop the floor. If you were to walk in before I mopped and examine the space, you might say “this floor already looks clean,” to which you would be wrong, as this dirty mop water proves. If I were to ignore this floor for several weeks, everyone would begin to notice.

Dirt and filth accumulate, and so does sin.

Every day, I go to God and ask Him, in my own way, to “clean me up.” If I don’t do this, the “dirt” would begin to accumulate and everyone around me would begin to notice. It is only because I came to Jesus in 2008 that I am able to do this and be clean in the eyes of God the Father through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Now, if I, a Christian, do this every day, what does this say about a person who is not saved through Jesus? Nothing good.

One day, that person who has decided to “clean up their own mess” will stand in the pure light of the glory of God. On that day, God will see the incredible accumulation of dirt/sin and will not stand for it.

We only have this time on earth for the master custodian to clean us up. After our time is done, no amount of cleanser will work.

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