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The Cuteness has breached the food and water supply, and still I suffer.

Max Boston TerrierThe enemy has struck again.  I was creating the battle plan for my next day’s attack, but the cuteness has struck first by seizing my food and water supply.  This enemy is crafty and seems to be one step ahead of me in every respect.  My daddy and I wait in the war room, going over our plans.  He has told me that the cuteness has attacked him many times while he has been engaged at the moving picture window called com-pu-ter.  My daddy now has to have his legs resting on the chair as the cuteness does hit-and-run attacks.  I can hear him even as I write down the days events.

“No kitty!  Stop!  OOOuch!”

It’s all this dog can take.

Ok, the cuteness has won today’s battle, but tomorrow will be different,..it must be different.  Already, the woman has revealed her plans.  My daddy accused her of “training the kitty to be mean to him”, a theory I’ve long believed, which was confirmed by her laughter and saying “yes, I have”.

It’s clear that the battle lines have been drawn,..the men against the woman.  It may go nuclear before a victor rises.

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