The Dog Loses More Ground to the Kitten

The Dog Loses More Ground | THE FUR WILL FLY

It was once a peaceful household, that was until Hermione, the kitten came.  Now, it’s a day to day struggle for Me, as I lose more ground to cuteness.


The Dog Loses More Ground to the KittenI wanted to spend time with my daddy, you know, the usual.  I would lay on his belly while he pet me and stroked my ears.  I had the whole day planned…..that is until SHE decided differently.

I was escorted out of my living area.  Ah, I remember it well.  The suede love seat, my pillow, the window where I would look out and snort at the mailman, was no more as the cuteness was carried by the woman (I never got carried).  My daddy and I were having fun for a while.  I was at the french doors informing him of the goings-on of the cuteness.  I expected him to show more interest, but all he would do is sit at the moving picture window and watch the YouTube (I still don’t know what that is).

Then, it happened!  My daddy left ME for the CUTENESS!

I was in shock as he sat on our favorite love seat, picked up the kitten, then began to speak to it.  I still can’t believe the betrayal.  My daddy went a step further and put the cat ON THE COUCH WHERE I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO GO!!!  This is sheer madness!!!  I tried looking at him, giving him signals that I was not happy, that I was crying on the inside, but he would not have any of that.  All I could do was watch, as my daddy betrayed me for the cuteness.

He finally came back in, but I ignored him and turned my back in protest to his actions.  He needs to learn that I have feelings.  Oh sure, he pets me and says that “I’m his boy”, but his actions speak louder than words.  I will forgive him,..I always do,..I must, since the cuteness came into my home, I have to.  My daddy has clearly been bewitched by the cuteness and the woman who harbors her.

My struggle continues….

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