What it means to be a man

What It Means To Be A Man

What it means to be a manI’m going to hit the ground running and state that I can’t stand effeminate men. Now, what do I mean by this possibly polarizing phrase? Do I mean that I can’t stand a man that talks high,..no. Does it mean that I can’t stand a dude that likes the ballet or wears a pink shirt,..no. To me, an effeminate man is a man who is fearful, indecisive and weak in his resolve.

Today, while back in the kennels, I get this, what I’ve termed, “download” from God, where he shows me stuff, to put it in a nutshell and today’s download was this topic.

Today’s culture has really confused the issue of what it means to be a real man and the males are suffering because of it.”Stand up for yourself, but don’t fight”, “make a decision, but you’re not locked in”, and other sayings has really muddied the waters. When media and peers fail on setting the standard, always go back to what the Bible has to say, and, in the case of what qualities define a real man, I look towards Jesus.

Jesus wasn’t afraid to cry when he was sad. He did it openly and without fear. You see, fear is a HUGE quality of an effeminate man. Fear keeps you from experiencing what is really going on inside of you and makes you cover it up with violence, foul language, taking up of vices and a myriad of other effeminate traits. Jesus faced the feeling of loss he felt when he was confronted with the death of His friend Lazarus by weeping. When He came close to Jerusalem, He wept over the city for what was about to happen. An effeminate man will hide those feelings, bottle them up and turn them on himself in all manners of stress, avoidance, ambivalence towards others and himself.

Jesus’ fearlessness not only was shown in His open expressions of his emotions, but in confrontation with others that disagreed with Him as well as confronting individuals when they were doing wrong. How many of us “men” would have had the courage to go into a very public building, one in which wrong doings have been going on and were going on, made a whip and drove the people out and turned over tables. Effeminate men would have probably thought about their job security and not upsetting others as opposed to standing up to what was right.

Wishy-washy effeminate men can’t decide on anything. They know what needs to be done, but making a public declaration about what they are going to do terrifies them. Fear is at the core of indecisiveness and it appalls me. Jesus was a man’s man when it came to a decisive nature. He was never rushed and made the decision to take whatever time was needed to do what He needed to do. Even when people were prodding him to do what they wanted Him to do, Jesus remained steadfast in any and every decision He made. Effeminate men listen to the spectators of life that blast criticism at everything. Their decision making abilities are queued by the whim of the culture of the day, the ideas of the time,..disgusting and repugnant.

Effeminate men are like limp noodles when it comes to resolve and self-control. If the wimpy man makes a decision, it is quickly put to the side for pleasing the flesh in some area. When the times get rough, the effeminate man gets going. Jesus had resolve. When He set out for Jerusalem, the Bible reads that He “resolutely” went. Why is this important, because He knew that He was marching towards His crucifixion. Any man that can look death in the eye, forgive the men inflicting pain upon His body and die for those that hate Him is a man’s man, a being full of resolve to finish the decision, the mission without fear. No, Jesus was not effeminate, and I want to be like Him.

I have displayed qualities of an effeminate man, as all men have done at one time or another. When this happens, I ask the cliche question, “what would Jesus do?” It takes courage, determination, resolve and a whole lot of other manly traits to counter the effeminate man mentality being pushed on the males of this country and world. It’s time this man, and others, step up and start being men.

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