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“Walk For A Dog” Review | Animal Shelter App Reviews

Walk For A Dog” is an app that helps you keep healthy and supports your local animal shelter.  I give it 4 PAWS out of 5.  Here’s my review.

I work at the Green Hills Animal Shelter, I walk to work, why not combine both to improve my health AND financially help the shelter.  Well, a friend turned me on to an app called “Walk For A Dog” by Wooftrax.  I gave it a shot and here’s how it goes.

Downloading the app is easy and can be found on the iTunes and Android marketplace.

Walk For A Dog Download

Once you download the app and open it, this is what you will see.  Since I have location services activated on my phone, the Green Hills Animal Shelter came up automatically.  The setup is quite self-explanatory.  You input your first and last name with your email.

Walk For A Dog setup

At this point, you add your dog of choice.  You can add more than one.  You can find a pic, pick the gender and primary / secondary breed as well as age.

Walk For A Dog dog setup

Once you have your doggie set up, you are ready to go for a walk.  Keep in mind, you don’t have to walk with your dog as  you can do all the fitness stuff by yourself.  The app gives you the option of walking, running and biking.

Walk For A Dog start walking

The app can run in the background, so you don’t have to have your phone on.  You can do other stuff like listen to music, text, check your social media, all the while the app is keeping track of your progress.  The blue bar at the top signifies that the app is running in the background (I screenshot this after turning the phone off, then clicking the power button).  It’s a good idea to have a full charge, depending upon how far / long you will be out.

Walk For A Dog running in background

The readout is simple enough.  At any point, you can stop the app or you can pause while you take a break.

Walk For A Dog readout

Once you stop your app, you can choose to share your progress or just save it.

Walk For A Dog save and share

You can share to Facebook or Twitter.

Walk For A Dog share on social media

If you choose to share it, the default browser on  your phone will open up where you can post something along with your progress.  The link will take your friends / followers to the main site where they can download the app and find out more about Wooftrax.

Walk For A Dog share on Facebook

From the app, you can check the progress of your walks.

Walk For A Dog view records

The app groups your activities.

Walk For A Dog fitness areas

It also groups by time.

Walk For A Dog time review

The app has an extensive list of animal shelters based upon your state.

Walk For A Dog states for shelter

All in all, this is an awesome app.  For Wooftrax to donate to your shelter, you must use the app at least once a week.  Donations increase the more people you get to use the app, so the bigger circle of friends you have utilizing the “Walk For A Dog” app going towards the same shelter, the more money goes to the shelter.

There is no bank account that needs to be hooked up.  They don’t ask for a credit / debit card and I haven’t gotten spammed.  It’s a simple, straight-forward app that keeps track of your efforts to keep healthy while donating to your local animal shelter.  My two problems with this app is there are no spots for cats and the scroll feature in setting up multiple dogs needs a little work.  For me, I will be using this every time I walk to work or walk around time.



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