Tactics to Resist Interrogation for Christians & Non-Believers

Tactics to Resist Interrogation for Christians & Non-Believers

Christians & non-believers need to train and organize now, while we still can.  These tactics will help you survive interrogation, with a special note for Christians.

For everyone:

They want to humiliate and degrade you to try and destroy your resolve. With a brief rest period, your interrogation period will begin. Escape is highly recommended, as it is easier at this stage to accomplish your freedom.

  • “T.Q.” (Tactical Questioning) is the first phase
  • A commander will do the questioning, as well as assessing whether or not you would be a candidate for further interrogation by more “qualified” personal at a more secure location.
  • Play the “grey man” — not too aggressive, and not too submissive. Comply on your terms.
  • Keep your mind alert
  • Let him/her think they are on top of you, but mentally, you are alert.
  • Always play to the sympathy of your captors. Try to look tired, and exaggerate your injuries.
  • Always take any chance to eat or drink when it’s right in front of you. It’s not a sign of weakness or compliance, it’s survival.
  • Never say “yes”. It can have far reaching, future consequences. Give your name and date of birth. They can record your “yes” to use for others things, not to mention they will have a power hold over you to ask further things beyond innocent requests.
  • Never sign anything. They will use your signature for other things.
  • Never underestimate your importance as a new captive. If they wanted you dead, you would be dead already.
  • They will play you against others through questioning and abuse.
  • Between interrogations, you’ll be “softened up”, deprived of food, water, and sleep. They will use “shocks” (loud noises, etc.) to deprive you of your senses.
  • Between interrogations, you’ll go through “stress positions” for hours. Eventually, you’ll get used to them, and be able to get some sleep.

If you survive the first stages, you will be taken to a specialist at a different, more secure location. Escape becomes much more difficult. You will be thrown into a room, where you will be continuously softened up, deprived of food, water, and sleep. You will be studied and a profile will be created, where it is determined if you’re cool, or emotional, what gets to you, and so forth. You will then meet a specialist in a purposefully bland room, deprived of distractions. Your second stage will begin.

  • The specialist will constantly be analyzing you to determine your weaknesses.
  • The specialist may be nice, or verdictive. He/she will use every approach to find the chink in your armor to get you to do what he/she wants.
  • Physical torture does not always happen. The specialist wants to control your mind. Physical torture, controls the body, while psychological torture controls the mind.
  • Eye contact is crucial to the specialist, and he/she will try to get you to look at him/her. There are 6 areas where the person being tortured will look, which will give the specialist a glimpse into what’s going on inside the mind of the tortured. They are (for the majority of people):
    • upper right – recalling a past event
    • upper left – they are making things up
    • left or bottom right – the specialist has touched a nerve
  • Train yourself to look straight ahead when you are asked a question.
  • Look for abnormalities from your torturer — does he/she have a big nose, buggy eyes, etc. Use that as a mental picture to degrade them in your mind.
  • Continue to be the “grey man.”
  • Control & authority are everything to the specialist. He/she will humiliate you.
  • The important thing is to keep control in your mind. If you can get away with it, use silent forms of defiance. This is good for your mental state, but if you get caught, you’ll get beaten.
  • The specialist has an agenda for every word and action he/she makes.
  • Remember, you’re in a no-win situation. Everything you do, gives the specialist an answer.
  • Tactics include the “good cop, bad cop” & different genders to gage responses. These are just a couple of instances.
  • Specialists will always use fellow captives against each other.
  • When you’re lying, or under stress, your subconscious might trip you up by making your body twitch, rub your nose, or anything to give a “tell” (indicator) that you are not being truthful. Body language is everything to the specialist.
  • There may come a time where the “soft hand” tactics of the specialist may be set aside for more brutal tactics. The constant barrage of verbal and physical abuse will test your will power.
  • You will get used to the abuse…you’ll roll with it.
  • Eventually, there may be a time where you’ll break. Feed the specialist half-truths to keep him/her happy.
  • At this point, the specialist will have a taste of the “truth” and will continue until he/she has all the facts.

The most important thing is that you haven’t betrayed anything or anyone, you’re alive, and you will have more time to devise an escape.

For Christians:

If you are being interrogated, you will most likely see a different side to not only your torturers, but in the guards/prisoners.  Their sadism will come out, as they are listening to “others”, and will try to break you, as well as finding pleasure in your suffering.  The paragraphs below are for you, as well as the article I wrote: “Scriptures to Memorize While in Prison”.

Remember, have something in mind that you ARE FOR – something good – in mind, instead of always being against what is bad (Philippians 4:4-8). Memorize scripture and look towards God and not towards your torturers (Acts 16:23-25). Never forget that Jesus suffered and forgave his torturers because he was dwelling within God through silent praising of his heavenly father while he endured earthly pain. Jesus had his eyes on finishing his race, to which the finish line was the cross on Calvary (2 Timothy 4:7). Memorizing scripture is key, for you may not get a Bible in the place that you will go (Colossians 3:16, romans 12:2, 1 Peter 3:15. Through bearing your suffering, you might change an enemy over and lead their soul to Christ (Acts 16:16-33).

Never forget, to live for Christ is to die to self (Philippians 1:21). If you are to die while being interrogated and tortured, reckon to yourself that the sufferings of this world will not compare to the glories that hard to come (romans 8:16-18).

You will have evil done to you, but you must be good in the presence of evil doers (1 Peter 3:16-18). Jesus himself was silent many times in front of his accusers and torturers (Matthew 27:14). Others are watching you, and by YOUR stripes and how you bare them, you may lead others, by your example, to the healing waters of Christ Jesus.

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