Day 10 | “Beautiful”

Day 10 | “Beautiful” Christina Aguilera’s song hits a chord with a lot of people. Many of us seem to focus on the ugliness not only within ourselves but on others as well. It seems only fitting that on the day that I hit my double-digit for the week, this […]Read more »

Day 9 | “Amazing Grace”

Day 9 | “Amazing Grace” I will admit, today was the hardest day to sing under the overpass.  The only time I had to do this was in the evening straight after work.  The morning time just couldn’t happen and lunch,..forget about it, so, after 5 p.m. was it. It […]Read more »

Day 8 | “The Doxology”

Day 8 | “The Doxology” I had my song all picked out and ready to go, but it was while on route The Doxology came to mind.  I figured that God wanted me to sing it, so I did. Lyrics: Praise God from whom all blessings flow Praise Him all […]Read more »

Day 7 | “Oh Danny Boy”

Day 7 | “Oh Danny Boy” Before I started this odyssey, I contacted the police department just so they would know that I wasn’t causing trouble under the overpass.  It was a surprise when I saw a request from the Trenton (MO) Police Department​ for this song.  It seemed like […]Read more »