The National Anthem is "OFFENSIVE", According to YouTube

The National Anthem is “OFFENSIVE”, According to YouTube

According to YouTube, the National Anthem is considered “offensive” and was de-monitized because it was not “advertiser friendly”.

Early this morning, I woke up to this email.

Email from YouTube

Needless to say, I was a bit shocked.  When I checked the video (why should I check anyway….I mean, it’s the National Anthem), I remembered that I posted this about 7 YEARS AGO!  It was monitized at that time and had no problems…until today.

My OFFENSIVE YouTube video

If you can’t see the date, here’s a closeup.

My OFFENSIVE YouTube video

YouTube has guidelines with regard to monitization (  They are there to make sure that content that creators, such as myself, don’t reap the rewards for bad content.  They’ve been there for quite some time, but item 5 is new.  It reads:

Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.

I believe that it was the “Controversial or sensitive subjects” that put the National Anthem in the “offensive” category.

Here is the offensive video in question:

Well, I guess it would be offensive……to some people that see things that really aren’t there.

Triggered snowflake

YouTube used to be a place where creators could make videos on anything without fear of the thought police.  It used to be a place where creative people, such as myself and many others, could make cool videos and hopefully do it for a living…

Thought Police

….sadly, those days seem to be drawing to an end.

When we think of the National Anthem as “might not be appropriate for advertising”, we are in sad times indeed.  I wanted to sing this song at all the ballparks across this great country, to express my gratitude, in song, to the men and women of this great land, how wonderful America has been to me and my family.

The American Flag

This song is NOT OFFENSIVE!  This country IS GREAT, and no company, corporations, or individual will convince me otherwise.  I want to work to make America great again!

I leave you with this quote:

“Submitting to censorship is to enter the seductive world of ‘The Giver’: the world where there are no bad words and no bad deeds. But it is also the world where choice has been taken away and reality distorted. And that is the most dangerous world of all.” ~Lois Lowry

Something to think about…


Another video has been hit with the “not advertiser friendly”.  The video in question, “I Need Thee Every Hour”, a 9/11  tribute done on the anniversary.

 Here is the offense hymn in question.

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