How to Make Your Voice Heard In This Culture

Some time ago, I posted that if you pose a problem & not a solution, you are part of the problem. In keeping with that, I would like to offer some solutions to current (and future) problems that we are seeing within our current culture.

With regard to government.

James Madison, the father of the constitution, wrote in the federal papers (number 46), a way to punish the federal government when it doesn’t follow the rules. Surprisingly enough, it does not call into play voting out politicians, suing the government, or asking the politicians to repeal their own rules.

The four ways to keep the government in check through individuals and states are:

  1. Protest on a large scale (dis-quietude of the people)
  2. Disobedience. Noncompliance with officers of the union
  3. Outspoken governors.
  4. State legislation. States would set up their own laws that would counter government resolution. Federal power requires cooperation between the national government and state governments for federal laws to work.

Using these coordinated steps together in multiple states, would be extremely effective against an overreaching national government. Using these tactics, would set up obstacles by which our current tyrannical federal government would be hard-pressed to encounter.

You can also find a few other suggestions in this article that can be used to not only affect change at a government level, but in other aspects of our society, “3 Ways to Make Your Voice Heard Besides Protesting

Changing the external by changing the internal.

All of the things listed above can work towards change in our society, but if you really want to make a difference, you can lead individuals and groups to change their behaviors, and, in doing so, change society.  This TEDx talk really gets into the nuts-and-bolts of how to understand this area of internal change.

With regard to Christians living within our culture.

All of the things listed above will have more potency when we come to God in prayer FIRST. Along with our actions, we must remember to accompany our actions with love, gentleness, and respect. Meekness doesn’t mean weakness, it means controlled anger – not lashing out because of emotion. Never forget that we’re working in a fallen world, and the prince of this world is having his time NOW, so don’t be discouraged. Always remember that our citizenship is not in the United States, or any other continent, but in Heaven, if you have taken Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior.

Many Christians won’t deal with understanding psychological and/or sociological tactics to institute change in others and the world around us.  Depending upon your denomination and walk in faith, these things can be seen as “worldly” and not to be touched.  This mindset is detrimental and will keep you on the sidelines.  Ideas that work in the two afore mentioned areas have their foundations in scripture.  Remember, don’t be too Heavenly minded so that you’re no earthly good.

Also remember that we, as Christians, should never have a “sit-on-the-couch-and-wait” attitude, saying things like, “well, this is a fallen world, so I won’t do anything, as it isn’t my home.”  Jesus Himself taught many parables that leads the listen (for those that could hear) to realize that the things we do in this world will have tangible results in the next.

Don’t lash out in anger, sadness, and frustration.  Your temporary displeasure could have permanent results.

Cool headed decisions

Final thoughts:

Our memes and re-posts, griping, and watching/listening to the news will only go as far as ourselves and have little to no effect on others. Christians, having the feeling of being lost in the shuffle, can’t resort to thrashing about in the waters of chaos that is now our culture. Never forget the priorities — to spread first the Gospel, teaching new disciples the commandments of Jesus, as well as the whole Bible. When we have fulfilled that, we can also do the rest, but remember, nothing will be changed until Christ returns.

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