Follow the Odyssey

Ok,..I’ve finalized how things are going to work after changing my mind half a dozen times.  Here’s how it’s going to go down.
  • Videos will be posted in their entirety on Facebook

Since it all started there and Facebook has been the most supportive, my peeps will get first choice.

I can’t ignore YouTube as I have my peeps there as well.  YouTube is pretty cool about letting me post stuff to my profile on Google+ as well as Twitter.  You can find me on the links off to the right.
Hashtag #undertheoverpass will be in effect on Facebook, Twitter & Google+….YouTube,…well, it’s a different deal there BUT I will have a playlist set up on my channel specifically devoted to this project.  It will be entitled “365 Days…365 Songs Under the Overpass” and will be featured prominently on my channel.
I have changed my mind regarding how the posts will go on this site.  I will embed video from YouTube only.  My reason, well, it’s a bit easier and I’ll need all the time / help I can get while doing this.  When you watch a song on YouTube, help a starving artist out and let an ad or two run it’s course.  I get paid a little bit and it helps support creative efforts like this one 🙂
The “GoFundMe” is one that really needs to be paid attention to as ALL SUPPORT from there will go to the Green Hills Animal Shelter in Trenton, MO.  I know I set a low goal and as to the writing of this post, it’s about met, but my idea is to hand them a great big fat check for the critters from all of you folks, so show the love 🙂

  • Now..about the songs…
Before the big day, and before I hear people saying “hey, that’s not all the song, so it doesn’t count”, let me go over the rule as to what will constitute a song.  My musing under the overpass will consist of, at least, one verse and one chorus.  There might be some instances where I’ll be able to do the whole thing and then, as I’m sure you have seen, traffic might be a cause for me to stop.  So, verse, one chorus, at least.

Later on…gotta get ready…
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