2 Chronicles and the coronavirus

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) And 2 Chronicles 7:12-14

Many Christians are finding similarities with world events that are happening now and 2 Chronicles 7:12-14, but most are missing the big picture.  Let me explain…

For about a week and a half, I’ve been seeing this meme on Facebook, and I have posted it as well.

01 2 Chronicles 7 12 14

This passage is even trending on Google.

When I first saw it, the similarities were uncanny.  Is God indeed trying to get our attention?

The answer, if you believe that the Bible speaks to us, is a resounding “YES,” but we need to dig a little further.  When you do, the message is a bit more chilling than you think.

The Australian wildfires, the locusts plaguing Africa, and now, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) seem to be obvious signs that God is trying to get our attention as He is displeased with us, and if we are taking the above passage as evidence of His displeasure, we need to act, as found in verse 14.

Here’s the rub – WHO needs to act?  Is it the nation as a whole, which includes non-believers, or is it believers only?


The big part of the accurate message of 2 Chronicles 7:12-14 is the “…My people…” part, to which advocates of this passage seem to miss!  If we are going to cite this passage saying that it’s a literal message and not a metaphoric one, we need to take into account that the “My people” part is directed towards Christians and Christians alone.  Lost folks aren’t going to pray to a God that they don’t believe in or hate, but Christians, along with the house of Israel (My people), believe in God and supposedly love Him.

The message is for Christians, and I think I know the reason for all of this – our love and belief that our President can do all things.

Many Christians have “deified” this President, surrounding him with airs of prophecy fulfillment, and that has bothered me to no end.  While I support this President and this article is in no way meant to bash him, I will say that we (Christians) need to get off the “Trump-Messiah” kick and get back to worshiping/praising/thanking the very God that put him into the office of President and accomplishes the great things through His chosen leader.

In my humble opinion, and it’s just that, we are seeing these things occur across this globe because we (Christians) have strayed from God and made an idol of a man.  This passage, at the very least, should be a “nudge” to check our allegiances – Praise to God or praise to man.  Even before the election, we became like the people of Israel as found in 1 Samuel 8, a warning that I emphasized in my article “God Gives Us A Choice At The Ballot, Make It A Good One.”

There is something else that happened this week that, to me, bears mentioning.

I ordered a new Bible from Amazon this week.  As most Bibles have a cloth bookmark made into the book, I found mine placed on this page, and I believe it to be significant.

02 1 Kings 11 18

The passage from 1 Kings 11 speaks about Solomon and how he fell away from God AND THE CONSEQUENCES of his actions.  I’ll let you read the chapter for yourself.

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