What Do Other Religions Really Believe

What Do Other Religions Really Believe?

What do other religions really believe?  Does a Christian have to “study up” so he / she can deliver the Good News?  Do other religions know something we don’t? Have you even gotten into an argument with a person who is the total opposite of yourself?  For me, I lean […]Read more »

As In the Days of Noah

“As In the Days of Noah” | The Bible Explained

“As In the Days of Noah” is used by many groups that study eschatology, which is a study of “end times” prophecy, and I wanted to take some time to explain it’s origins, meaning and often misuse within the area of prophecy. Origins The first usage of this phrase was […]Read more »

The Bible

The Bible; Facts and Misconceptions

The Bible, can we take it at it’s word?  Can a Christian look at the message of the Bible and still believe?  The evidence justifies our faith and the evidence is overwhelming. How many of you have ever worked for, been with or have a friend that has lied to […]Read more »