Getting answers from God

Getting Answers to Questions From God in 8 Steps QUICK & EASY

Many Christians have questions about life.  This post will give you 8 quick and easy steps to getting the answers to ALL of your questions straight from God Himself.

When I was ministering at the jails, I discovered something amazing.  I found out that God wants me to have the answers not only to my questions but to also help and guide others in learning about God’s Ways (Kingdom Living).  Understanding salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ is first and foremost the most important answer for anyone’s life, but once you have come into the family of God, life poses many questions such as what to do about a job/career path, finances, marriage, etc.  Questions great and small come to all of us that are in the Lord’s Family and God, our Father, has promised to answer them all, great and small.  I learned this method and now I want to share this 8 point method of how God answers our questions.  Keep in mind, we’re not talking about how God answers prayers, which is a little different, but answers questions (asking for wisdom).  With that in mind, lets start off at step 1.

1. Ask for wisdom.

Asking for wisdom

This is the jumping-off point.  “God, I need help with a question, here it is…” is where you begin.  You ask God because He knows everything.  He not only knows stuff you do know about your situation, but also stuff you don’t know, and He will give you a direct answer that will work to your best interests.  Keep in mind that there is a condition to this promise.  He will give you answers without reservation BUT you must have faith that He will do it.  No faith, no answer, it’s that simple.

2. In all that you do, give God the credit (glory)

Another conditional promise, give God credit in everything you do and he will answer your questions.  Sometimes it’s hard for Christians to do that.  “I built this business”, or “I aced this test” are things we might say, but we would not even have life or the intellect, skills, and resources if God had not provided them to us, after all, everything belongs to him anyway (Psalm 24:1).  Give God all the credit for everything you do, whether great or small, and he WILL answer any and all questions and direct your life.

3. Be humble in your request

It’s a simple truth, God rejects the prideful Christian (Psalm 138:6; Proverbs 3:34; Proverbs 29:23; Matthew 23:12; Luke 1:52; James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5).  When you come to God with your question(s), humble yourself.  “Hey God, I don’t understand this, but you do, show me the answer because I have faith that you will as you have done it before” is the type of humble seeking attitude a Christian should have.  If you beat your chest in pride, the only sound you’re gonna hear is your fists hitting your flesh.

4. Know your Bible

You know that whole “the Bible is life’s little instruction book”, well, it’s true.  It may not have the answers to the question of “should I buy a 2018 Ford F150 or wait for the 2020”, but the Bible will show you HOW to best make that decision.  Memorizing scripture is the best way to get your questions answered right quick and in a hurry.  You might be thinking that “I can’t memorize the whole Bible, are you crazy?!”, well that’s where something cool happens and what I learned when I was at the jails.  Moving on to step 5…

5. God on the inside

The same God that created everything great and small, the same God that knows all the answers to your questions is living on the inside of every single Christian in the form of the Holy Spirit, and you know what He’ll do…

6.  The Holy Spirit will cause you to remember stuff

That’s right, He’ll (Holy Spirit) will bring up the memory of scripture that you might have read or heard once many years ago to the forefront of your mind to answer the question(s) that you have right now!  It’s so cool and it’ll be the biggest “ah-ha” moment that you’ve ever had.  You’ll feel so relieved, but to best facilitate this awesome experience, you first need to do this, MEMORIZE SCRIPTURE/READ YOUR BIBLE (see step 4)!  But what happens if you haven’t “gotten to that part” yet and you need an answer now, well no worries, here comes step 7.

7. God will answer through others

Answers from prophets

In a nutshell, prophets are mouthpieces from God.  They can be any Christian you might meet, from Pastors to a construction worker, but the thing that they have done is, they have memorized scripture that you might not have gotten to as of yet.  You’ve experienced it, a person is talking and will bring up a passage in the Bible, and all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit that is inside of you says “That’s the answer to your question!”  While we, as Christians, should be in the process of memorizing passages and daily reading our Bible, God will move other Christians to give you answers, as they are not meant to be kept secret as the passage above clearly states.  The Holy Spirit works with multiple children in God’s Great Family so they can help each other out.  If you want 3 great examples of how God works alongside willing, humble Christians, read Acts, chapters 8, 9, and 10.

There is something to consider when seeking the answers to your questions, the others side, our true enemies (Satan and demons) will try to lead you astray.

8. Test the answers

So, how do we “test the spirits,” well John gave us a clear question to ask them.  There is another way, to compare their answers to what is written in the Bible, keeping in mind the context of the book, chapter and verse(s).  Technology is so advanced that we have the resources on our computers/mobile devices that were once only available to a select few theologians at seminaries.  Many a time, I’ve searched for scripture through Google and God has guided my quest.  Always test the spirits, people’s answers, even your own intuition if the Holy Spirit inside of you is not giving you a sense of peace (John 14:27) with the answer at hand.  Keep in mind that the answer you get might go against what you thought might be right or wrong, therefore making you uncomfortable, bringing up pride so you won’t search for the answers in the Bible, but you must as the wrong answers can lead you to destruction.

Final thoughts

In seeking the answer(s) to your question(s), God will never delay His response if you follow all the steps above.  He wants you to be “in the light” with the direction you are going in life (Psalm 119:105).  Always ask and the God who loves you so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for you (John 3:16-18), will answer your questions if you have faith, are humble and seek His Word/direction for your life and life’s decisions.

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