Day 4 | “In der Fremde” (In a Foreign land)

This was one of my very first German pieces in beginning voice by Schumann  I love singing the language and coupled with the brooding theme of the piece, what seventeen year old wouldn’t love it….well, at least this former seventeen year old.  Jeff Nolte was my first voice teacher in college that truly emphasized a close relationship between technique and artistry.  I miss him.  I hope I made you proud.
Here is the German:
Aus der Heimat hinter den Blitzen rot
Da kommen die Wolken her,
Aber Vater und Mutter sind lange tot,
Es kennt mich dort keiner mehr.
Wie bald, ach wie bald kommt die stille Zeit,
Da ruhe ich auch, und über mir
Rauscht die schöne Waldeinsamkeit,
Und keiner kennt mich mehr hier.
Here is the English translation:
Where once at home I laid my head
stormclouds fill the air,
but Father and Mother are long since dead
and no one remembers me there.
How soon, how soon and with what ease
the time of rest draws near:
the wind will rustle through the trees
and none will remember me here.
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