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Most of the things I create have been aided by those who have been willing to share.  In keeping with that wonderful ideal, I will do the same.

Creative CommonsThis is the area where I will have created media that can be used in any project.  The logo to the left will indicate what media you can use.  Most of the stuff that will be on here will be music, but I will be dabbling in writing, video production, animation, illustrations and other areas of media.  All files will be on Dropbox.  My reasons for doing this are really quite simple, to hopefully inspire and aid in the creation process of others and to share my musings.  My stipulations are these:

  • You must cite me as your source.

In every post that is under the Creative Commons, there will be a bit of text for you to copy-n-paste into your post, video, book, whatever.  That’s all I need.

  • My stuff is free wherever you see the Creative Commons logo.

You don’t pay me a thing.  If you hear any music I produce and want to use in in a video to make money, either online or off, that’s cool.

  • You can modify, but you cannot alter the original.

You are free to tweak my stuff, but leave the original stuff alone.  Example:  you can add beats or sample my music in your own way.  You can add text, filters, effects to any of my videos.

  • You cannot re-sell or redistribute any of my works under your name (see point 1).

That should really not be said, but I’ve had people do that to me and it’s totally not cool.





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